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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Lemon & Lime

willcwillc Member
edited July 2012 in Types of Snuff
The first thing you get when opening this tin is a bit of snuff falling all over because they fill the tins to the very fullest capacity.
First smell does give me a nice lemony citrus like smell and I can see this a fine and fluffy grind not unlike Crumbs of Comfort.
When sniffing I found it very likable and refreshing.
I was expecting menthol but there is none present, the flavors are not strong or overbearing and both lemon and lime are present in a very balanced manner.
A very good and pretty typical offering from WoS.


  • WoS Lemon and Lime struck me as being very potent on the pinch, settling down quickly though. No menthol, no other tricks, just a full on lemon and lime flavour. Unfortunately the result reminds you of cleaning products and urinal blocks. It's not a bad snuff, but the prominence of the scents have unfortunate olfactory associations. Maybe outdoors the scent might work differently on the mind.

    It is a nice refreshing blast for the nose, and with a little experimentation might be a good mixer with other fruity snuffs. It's not an unpleasant snuff, it just floods the mind with concepts of sanitation rather than relaxation.
  • Quick Test:

    Equal measures of WoS Lemon and Lime, GH Dry Orange, and GH Cherry. Mix well, and take a good healthy pinch. A nice fresh and fruity snuff, that DOESN'T remind you of lavatory cleaner.

    I dare say there's better cocktails not yet discovered, but at least we know this snuff can work well in a blend
  • I like this snuff a lot! I think it was on sale at Mr S for $.99 so I bought two. I like the scent and the base tobacco. Nothing chemically or bathroom cleaner-like. It's like Seven-Up soda!
  • I'm sorry to report I just dumped my 10g in my Fruit Salad mix earlier today. I took a couple of pinches this morning and just got the cleaning fluid scent again. I had read your comment about 7up somewhere else on the forum, but I wasn't getting that unfortunately. Glad to hear it's working out better for you :-bd
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