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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Bovington Tank Museum Pics

Went down to see the tanks with a few friends over the weekend and here's some of the pics I took in no real order.

Just for reference, my friend in the blue and white check shirt is 6,3 but he looks small compared to the King Tiger.



  • JustinJustin Moderator
    Splendid. I want to go there! (Unfortunately I'm at the other end of the country these days, and the rest of the family might not be up for a trip to Dorset to see the tanks...)
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • I went to Bovington as a child and found it fascinating, so I took my then girlfriend there some years ago when we were on holiday in the area. Unfortunately as far as I could tell they seem to have brought out about a thousand new tanks since then, and by the end of it we'd pretty much had enough! :))

    That said, there was a very old man being shown around one of the tanks with great care by an assistant, it looked to us as though he must've been in one of those tanks during the war, so watching that was a lovely moment.
  • If you ever make it out to Palm Springs, there is a great tank collection at the George S Patton Museum 20 miles east of town. As a former 2AD guy I can highly recommend it (Hell On Wheels!). If you like tanks with wings, there is also the Palm Springs Air Museum in town, with many machines with mechanical dreams of raining death from above.
  • Went there a few years ago and got roped in as an infantryman in their mock battle. I got to ride in an armoured personell carrier and find out how heavy a genuine Lee Enfield rifle is to carry. Good fun and my kids were jealous.
  • Does the Bovington museum have tanks from the First World war, also? Don't know if or when i can go there as i live in the USA--looks very good though! Someone mentioned airplanes also, a lesser known museum i can recommend is the air museum in Madrid, Spain...four hangars of great historical interest early age thru jet age google "museo del aire" it's free and you need your passport as it is the air force base just outside of madrid, no one was there when i went. alot of different planes ended up in Spain from Italy France,Russia Germany etc for the Spanish Civil War....
  • Yes they definately have at least one, I think it's a mark 1 with the guns on the side. If it's planes that you like I recommend R.A.F. Cosford in the Midlands.  They have a German V1 and a V2 rocket not to mention an Argentinian Mirage jet captured in the Falklands and a Vulcan bomber. Once a year they have an air show usually with a fly past of WW2 bombers and fighters, it's a good day out (no I don't work there). Anyway they have massive hangars packed with all sorts of militaria.
  • Thanks for the museum info--Ok,so back to snuff, what's the best snuff for visiting a military museum [FUBAR Grunt?}  :)
    i haven't actually tried that one yet....
    And i guess the best one for an art museum [Monet] toque or wos violet?
    for the Prado, Spanish Gem, for the Louvre French carotte?
    oops i am getting carried away
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