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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Neffa Bledi

Do somebody know this snuff?..I bought it in France. It is very similar to southafrican snuffs like Taxi or NTSU so it´s deffinitely my cup of tea..packed in 8g boxes..made by Poschl (!!) Germany. Black box with blue I like this snuff!! It has spicy, delicious taste combined with barnyard smell of pure tobbaco..Something for Taxi or NTSU fans..but much finer grind and lighter in colour..


  • I don't know of this snuff but it sounds really tasty. Enjoy ! :D
  • Sounds good. Any new snuff discovered should be forwarded to to be cataloged.
    I'm sure they'd love a photo of it as well!
  • n.n. Member
    "off topic", but i wonder if there's a problem at snuffreviews. i've tried to upload several uncataloged snuffs, but they are not listed yet (some months ago others were within a few days…)
  • I notice there's no mention of F&T on snuffreviews...
  • n.n. Member
    @saucy_jack F&T snuffs are listed as a subcategorie of WoS
  • saucy_jacksaucy_jack Member
    edited July 2013 PM
    @n. I tried looking there and nothing. I'll look again.

    Probably should be its own category, but that's the way they have it set up.
  • I ve just ordered Neffa bledi from my local tobacco shop in France as it is the only one which he can order without menthol, I can't see any information about it on the internet, when I look for neffa it redirects me to tobacco from North Africa, but as you say it is from Poschl i guess it is manufactured in Germany.
  • I ve just got my order ok even with the fuel shortage that is happening right now in France. It is the first non menthol snuff I have. Very thin snuff, I did not know what
    was a snuff throat hit before this one. The snuff powder is so thin
    that I felt it going through my nose to the back and to my throat
    instantly woow  ! I hope it dit not got to my sinuses just have to do it gently and might not be for beginners but the nicotine hit is right there ;-).  I don't know why but the smell reminds me of Camel. The
    snuff is very light brown as compared to the other I have. I think this
    snuff might be what you call "Toast". If I put it on a spoon, a light
    trace leaves contrary to the others, it is very very thin. Tobacco 90%
    Texture agents 10%.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    @Snufferdemedicis Ought to be good, lots of tobacco there and - apparently - lots of free (unbound, deprotonated) nicotine for your pleasure. The ingredients are typical of strong nasal snuff.
    Is Neffa Bledi still avalaibale in France?
  • I guess so you can order it from any french tobacco shop that s what i did
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2020 PM
    At last, at very long last I found a tiny photo of this Neffa Bledi! Kudos to Arno aka Dutch Pipe Smoker.

    Poschl Neffa Bledi 8 g

    Would love to try it.

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2020 PM
    Here it is, a tiny photo of Neffa Bledi:
  • Its a shame Poschl (always got to check the name twice before got it right lol) discontinued this snuff. I really got curious what was that in terms of flavour and grind. We should spam some e-mails into the CEO mailbox someday for them to reintroduce!

    I mean, menthol is good, but this brand must have some serious methol junkies on the board..
  • @Johano, I think this Neffa Bledi is still "alive", but it's sold only in France. I'll try to procure some, and maybe even some sachets of Tunisian one, Neffa Souffi. Will let you know how it goes.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2021 PM

    So, my friends, it's Poschl, it's plain and it's rustica. Stronger and drier (3.8% nicotine, 6% water) than Sifaco's fresh Neffa Ifrikia (1% nicotine, 16% water). Has a typical smell of yellow rustica, which I find very pleasing - biscuity, honeyish and hayish. I wouldn't describe it as a nicotine bomb (although a friend who sent me this treat found it stronger than Toque USA W&H) - total amount of alkalis is a mere 5.6%, but I haven't craved for any other snuff during my first tin, which lasted me four days, and hefty boxcar on a clean palate set my head to a light spinning mode quite a few times, especially taken as a first thing in the morning; for what it's worth, I didn't feel the urge to chain pinch it or take several boxcar loads in a row. Burn is pretty mild and throat drip is not harsh, it doesn't clog up the nose, frontal drip of average intensity. The grind is somewhat uneven, but pretty fine, 90% particles are finer than 150 micron, the coarser 10% pass through 300 micron mesh. In contrary to Neffa Ifrikia, this Neffa Bledi is made from clean tobacco and is virtually sand-free.

    According to data publicised on, it's alkalized with sodium carbonate 10-hydrate (about 2.84%), calcium hydroxide (about 1.93%) and potassium carbonate (0.85%). So, if you have access to yellow or brown rustica ( and have slaked lime, potash and sodium carbonate, you can easily make similar snuff at home, simply mixing finely ground rustica flour with dry alkalis and a splash of water. If you don't have sodium carbonate 10-hydrate, use 1% regular sodium carbonate anhydrous.
  • It made my nose bleed the first time i took it. I have to try it again was too fine for me at that time too much in the throat how do u take it ?
  • I take it by boxcar, just as anything else I sniff. No problems at my side, but I'm used to the fine grind. I shrink (contract) my nasal pasages while sniffing. Some nasal yoga ;-)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    Just a heads-up, if you are in France and can't find Neffa Bledi at the tobacconists, ask the shopkeeper to order it for you from the distributor. He will get it for you, it's a common practice there. You would need to buy a box of 10 tins in such case, and waiting can take several days.

    @Snufferdemedicis, how fast did you get your Neffa order?
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