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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Tough Weather Coming.

For those of us living on the east coast especially the northeast we have some weather coming.


  • yeah, getting the lawn furniture and house plants in today, filled the 5 gallon gas can for the generator and snow blower. Here on Cape Cod we never know what we will be hit with and with almost all the trees still leafed out and power/telephone poles it is not uncommon to go for a few days without electricity every winter. Fortunately we heat with wood and cook with gas....
  • This is a great site for weather. It is very interactive and can be mastered in about an hour. I like watching animated maps in real time.,0039,0017&zoom=4
  • It's windy and rainy down here already...
  • edited October 2012 PM
    Yeah, it's said to be a combination of a hurricane and a snow storm. Two storms colliding from Sunday night until after Halloween, sounds awful. Someone told me that all the generators at Home Depot in my town sold out.

    This is terrible for my town, a lot of areas throughout town flood like crazy.
  • It's practically flooded today in the Marquette area.
  • How are our Floridians doing? Looks like today and tomorrow you will get the worst of it.
  • That "frankenstorm" looks really ugly, stay safe friends.
  • Not quite so bad on the east coast of England today, but I woke up to the first light covering of snow of the winter... Can't remember when we last had snow in October!
  • I love snow, until I've shoveled 3 feet more than once. Shoveling is such a pain at 5am.

    As for the storm, my town is in a panic. Home Depot sold out of generators and then got new ones in and jacked the prices up, there has been a traffic jam of cars down one of our main streets because they're giving out 10 sandbags per home and people are running all over the place buying food and supplies since last time some homes were without power for more than a week. I'm going to help my aunt move everything out of their basement and first floor tomorrow morning too.

    Hopefully it really isn't as bad as predicted, because that will be a complete nightmare.
  • Both models have it coming in and advancing directly overhead as it stalls, then off it goes. Spent all day moving rocks and gravel to reinforce steep driveway. I have plenty of backup power and heat, but this is the one nightmare scenario for one living in the forest with all the giant old trees, going to be jumpy for a while. These are 130 foot hardwoods towering all around. Not so much worried about the damage, more of sudden death.
  • Right there with you guys. I have mostly been helping neighbors get ready by getting rid of old limbs and cleaning up yards. Last year's hurricane Irene left us without power for ten days so the folks around here are used to this by now. I'm thinking that southeastern Connecticut will have some decent wind in the range of 30-50mph. That isn't too terrible but if it lasts for a couple of days then things will get tense. The ground here is so saturated from all of the rain we have that even the largest of trees will have a hard time holding on for a long duration wind event.

    We shall see.
  • Wind at 1 am Monday night is supposed to be 65 MPH sustained, 6 to 10 inches rain. Would be in the middle of the night! This is one big scary sum bitch.
  • @whalen Sleep in the basement?
  • TashiTashi Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    East coast today gonna be strong.. Stay safe
  • Good luck East Coasters, from England.

  • Yes, stay safe folks!
  • Well, it's been peaking it's head into my area since sometime in the middle of the night, I'm about 30 minutes from the Jersey shore. Just rain and strong winds right now, but the thick of it is supposed to hit us overnight tonight (2am or so Tuesday I believe).

    Got the call this morning and we aren't working today, which is good because I should be around the house and available to family/friends that might need help.

    Here we go..
  • MouseMouse Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    Well running on backups battery, no power but so far Ok.

    edit: OK, back on line, four hours without snuffhouse, but I had plenty of snuff, so I survived.
  • My hatches are battened down.

    I had to go to home depot. I was all out of battens.

    Wind's picking up now... Everyone stay home and safe!
  • Ok, it's getting bad here, so I'll probably be losing power sometime soon as it's been on and off like 10 times already, so I just want to wish everyone else here on the east coast the best.
  • Was a dark and stormy night! Lots of bumps and bangs, but first light revealed no real damage. Bad anxiety seems to be the worst part! My heart goes out to all who did not fair as well.
  • No serious damage around my place, but there's trees down everywhere.

    My town is still in a state of emergency, and I have no power at home, but I went to work, and am powering up all my re-chargables.

    Hope everyone is faring well!
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