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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

An ISTA Created and Sponsored Review Site?

I think everybody would agree that a reliable, independent snuff review site is something that is a very valuable resource to educate and inform both new snuffers and veterans alike. When I first became interested in snuff a few years ago I spent hours reading the old review site. Was it also called I can't remember. Then it disappeared and after awhile the latest snuffreviews popped up. And we all know how that's worked out, and here we are.

Snuffhouse can't have a separate review section, I assume due to limitations with Vanilla. Dave's suggestion to post reviews to Mr. Snuff has has rightly or wrongly been met with some resistance. How about we make our own?

I've made my living for the last 20 years with Microsoft ASP/ASP.NET and know we can get a great review site going, and a stable one to serve the snuff community. I also know there are others in the ISTA that are in the tech field. @lunecat for one, and @Jari_T grabbed the snuffreviews data. It would be great to collaborate in creating a review site under the ISTA umbrella, tailored by us. I can't volunteer full time hours but I can put in some. What are your thoughts?


  • I can put together web pages no problem but my css is seriously lacking. Mostly I write support sites that don't require any fancy graphics. My database skills are mediocre as I've always worked with a DBA. I'm just starting a project at work using ASP.NET MVC5 and I can see it being a good platform to use for the review site but I know there is a lot of anti M$ folks out there. Also, if we went that route we would have to find somewhere that hosts IIS sites which may turn out to be expensive. I might be able to put the site up for free while it's being developed but I won't know until next week. Maybe we could use GitHub or something similar? I've never used it myself.
  • OK, looks like I'll be going this alone. @Jari_T would you be willing to send me the data you got from snuffreviews?
  • Jari_TJari_T Member
    OK, looks like I'll be going this alone. @Jari_T would you be willing to send me the data you got from snuffreviews?
    Sure thing. Can you PM your email and I'll share the download link.

    I've done some front end development and basic graphic design and I'm familiar with CSS. Not with the latest version 3 though. Maybe we could team up?

  • Thanks Jari_T, PM sent.
  • XanderXander Member
    Its a good idea, guys. You techies will have do to all the work on it though. I have no skills there myself. It would be good for the ISTA to take ownership of it too. I thought at some point we'd evolve to a dues paying organization, and the dues would fund projects such as this, like owning the website and server spaces, etc.
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