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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Rose scented snuffs

So I got some WoS Rose, and I decided eventually that I hated it. It's incredibly powerful and almost smells industrial in its scent. I'm going to experiment with blending it to cut on the scent somewhat, but I wanted to know which other ones may be rose-scented, but not overpowering, or at least much more subtle. I think Super Kailash has rose in it (amongst other scents) and I think it's just about perfect.


Also, blending tips for the WoS?


  • JustinJustin Moderator
    Of the English-type snuffs available, I would say Toque is your best bet, as they do not use any sort of artificial scent. My experience of Indian snuff is limited, but I would suggest giving some of the Rose snuff that @indiansnuff is currently pushing a go. See this thread - - for more details.
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  • I actually adore WoS Rose. I have some in my nostrils this moment. I keep it in bulk. Having said that, I can see why it might be overwhelming. What I will sometimes do though is mix some of my bulks when filling a snuffbox. A good mix I do sometimes is 10 scoops of Tom Buck, 2 scoops of Rose, and 3 scoops of Grand Cairo. These work well together.
    Best SP is a very popular snuff (I also keep that in bulk) and its predominant note is bergamot, but it also contains rose and lavender. The above mix is like that but all three scents amped up.

    I would say though that WoS Rose is pretty natural and on par with Toque's. Toque's might be a little rosier though. GH's English Rose might be more "industrial" as you call it, but I like that one too.

    More toned down rose snuffs are the macuba family, which include DeK's Macuba, F&T's Macouba, and Swisher's Maccoboy, all a bit rosy, and even though they share a name or name origin are all quite different. They are all semi rosy, but all rich in other ways. The F&T one has a fair dose of musk.

    The only Indian one that's full on rose (not a medly of sorts) that I know of is Sugandh Sagar Rose. Its nice mild rose with a hint of menthol. I'm not sure if this is the same one @Indiansnuff is selling now but it sounds close.

    Other ones which are not so common: Smith's Attar of Roses (really good) made by GH but not at all like their own one. Its moister/courser and richer. Frederick Tranter's Otto de Rose and Mullins and Westley's Covent Rose are either variants of WoS's Rose of Sharrow or are its clones. I've tried them all, and I can detect differences, but that could simply be differences in batches.

    My last and favorite is a defunct snuff. Martian Rose by Bespoke. It was made exclusively for Mars Cigars for awhile. Now Bespoke makes no more snuffs, and Mars sells no more snuffs, so its gone. I only have a tiny sample left which I had to trade for. I even had to trade some of my tiny supply for some of the legendary Spanish Jewel. This snuff is like the surface of Mars too: red and dry. Oh, but what a scent! My avatar (the Mars face) is my long time protest at its discontinuation.

    I will allow myself a pinch on my birthday, and it may well be the last of it, as I have precious little left.
  • Just want to add, I remember reading a good report on the various rose snuffs by @ermtony but I can't find it on either of his sites. I know he's not well right now, so I'm not going to bother him to look for it. @whalen who is also a fan of rose snuffs might have it to repost here and I toast him with a cup of rose flower tea ;)
  • Try Six Photo Anarkali. That has a very nice rose scent with a little menthol. Anarkali is a well-balanced snuff, the rose scent is not overpowered and the menthol is very thin in it. If you are fond of rose, you will like it, I am sure.
  • Portos. Well, it is a briar to be honest, but one can smell a rose in it too.
  • number_sevennumber_seven Member
    edited April 2014 PM
    I will definitely try the Six Photo. I am in a massive love affair with their snuffs right now.

    Thanks @Xander‌ for the ideas. I have it bottled up right now and we'll see if my opinion changes, but I think I'd love the Rose of Sharrow if only it weren't so in your face rose....
  • I ordered wos rose on my last order and I found it too potent as well almost like perfume in my nose I mixed some toque quit with it to mellow it out and liked it. I also mixed some tube rose (sweet scotch not rose scented) and wos rose and was nice combo
  • Sorry I have been away, I hope Ermtony is better, all of the roses are great, and I do not get any menthol in Sugahandsauger, I am allergic to menthol and Sug is one of my favorites, attar of rose is the best IMHO, but rotation is key. Ermtony started my rose journey, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!. Fresh is paramount........
  • Dholakia Ganga
  • my first rose snuff was a recent purchase- Mullins and westley covent rose. its very nice- a little turkish delight, a little reminiscent of the rose in abraxas st casura, and (to me) a whole lot of SP and tobacco in the tin and in the initial nose hit. a little hard for me to pull a pinch out even though its not as dry as the shop sample.

    i know what you mean about the industrial- this is made by WoS and i do get an interesting chemical scent. not sure if its extra, or if its rose i have come to associate with chemical perfumes etc.
  • periqueperique Member
    edited April 2014 PM
    My all time favorite Rose snuff was "Attar of Roses". I used to get it from McGahey The Tobacconist:

    They no longer ship to the USA due to some snafu with the credit card companies.

    My current favorite is Sugandh Sagar.
  • Sugandh Sagar is my favorite as of now. It is pleasant and just the grind I like which is a little less than medium (almost fine). I can use this for half a day and it wont feel old for me. 
  • Well, @lunecat, we may not always agree on politics, but I always find myself "liking" your comments on SWS. Roslein is a beautiful, dark rosy snuff.

    I'd be prepared to give Toque Rose a shot, just on the strength of the Violet, but I'm not sure I'll ever get around to the others people mention above. Maybe some of the Indians, if I fall across them.
  • Just to be clear, Roslein is not a pure rose snuff, there's a lot else going on there too, as you'd expect with SWS. But I'm drawn to the Toque for completely the opposite reason. Apart from Spanish Gem and SP Extra, the best Toque snuffs are pure, clear, single note snuffs.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 25 PM
    Trying Toque Rose. It's nice, smells and otherwise feels just like WoS Rows (Rose of Sharrow). I couldn't tell them apart, honestly. Don't have any Rows now, but had gone through plenty some years ago, and I remember it very well (one of my WoS favourites).

    Decent. 10/10
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