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White snuff comparisons

How would you compare the white snuffs against one another? I've only tried Dholakia White very early on didn't get on with it at that time. I'm giving them another try and have some White Elephant on the way to me. From what I've read they all sound much the same but so do the reviews of the plain toasts that I love. D-White, Elephant, Cheeta, Willie Pete, etc. - What are the differences between the white snuffs?


  • Willie Pete was too much for me. Extremely fine and I didn't play around with it long enough to get a technique down to use it. I would say cheeta was the easiest to use out of the ones you listed. Nice scent to it. Reminded me of nag champa. I found d white and white elephant similar but its been about a year since I've had either so things might've changed.
  • I've wondered if Willie Pete was Dholakia White re-branded but it doesn't sound like it from your description.
  • My experience is limited to WE and Cheeta. Out of the two I prefer Cheeta, for the reasons @distaind has pointed out - a pleasant, incense like aroma (although still very muted compared to other Indian snuffs) and it is not too difficult to take - still difficult of course, but nothing that a bit of caution and practice can't master.
  • horus92horus92 Member
    edited February 2014 PM
    Dholakia White is the sharpest. It has a lot of ammonia, and when you get to the bottom of the tub it can develop into a sweet yeasty smell which is not at all unpleasant. IMO it burns the worst but everyone has their own mind on that.

    6 Photo Cheeta is scented with incense-like stuff with some citrus I believe, it's not for me but if you like scented Indian snuffs you'd probably like it.

    41 Photo White Elephant is a natural snuff that has a pretty indescribable odor. It's almost like pecans or something. It's sweet and nutty and excellent, the best one IMO.

    FUBAR Willie Pete is a very weird one, I'd love to know what strains of tobacco they use or how they prepare it. It smells like something disgusting, but I like it anyway. Unfortunately someone spilled the tin before I could really get to know it.
  • Haven't tried Cheeta yet, but I do have WP, DW, and WE. I find I prefer the WE--nice scent and easier (relatively speaking) to take. DW has a simiar scent, but an even finer grind. WP's scent is good, too, but way too fine a grind for me. Of the three, WE is the only one I'll buy again. I don't notice that any of them "burn" much, it is more my inability to control the inhalation of WP and DW--more often than less they go to the throat/lungs. One can mix any of these into other snuffs to bump up their nic-hit and make them easier to take.
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  • Thanks for the input all. That picture is worth a thousand words as the old saying goes @lunecat. I was on the fence about ordering another white this order but I think I'll be happy I did.
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited February 2014 PM
    Taking whites requires no special technique! I wish this myth would be dispelled.

    It's about training your nose to become used to these snuffs. Big pinches. It's counter intuitive but it's the best way. Using a pure menthol before a white helps with training your nose until you don't need the menthol as menthol desensitizes.

    As for the question, I've not tried Willie Pete. I'm rather fond of Cheeta. D. White is OK if a little fishy.
  • Taking whites requires no special technique! I wish this myth would be dispelled.
    That may have been my biggest mistake before. It's been almost two years so I'll be tackling it head-on this time.!
  • I agree with @horus92, DW is the sharpest and has the most bite. It has a vinegary, gun-powder flavor to it. WE and Cheeta have the same characteristics, but more muted, with Cheeta having a citrus, slightly musky scent to it. I like all three, favoring WE and DW about equally. I just tend to buy the Dholakia because it's cheaper and easier to get in bulk. I've also come to like Cheeta a lot, although it complements rather than replaces the other two. I have a bit over a kilo of the whites in storage, they form a large part of my staple diet.
  • mirror mirror on the wall,tell which is the whitest of them all! :-/
  • @sixphoto, considering how popular the whites are, maybe you should add another, non-scented one to your range!
  • BTW We add a very tiny amount of perfume to Cheeta white, just to cover up any unpleasant fishiness generally associated with white snuffs
  • BTW We add a very tiny amount of perfume to Cheeta white, just to cover up any unpleasant fishiness generally associated with white snuffs
    I agree that the added scent is not extremely strong and that it works well to soften the fishiness. But in certain moods, I LIKE that fishiness.
  • I've had some time with the White Elephant now and I've gotten the hang of it much better than my first attempt a couple of years ago. I'm really looking forward to trying more of this type.
  • @crullers....we appreciate your views for our product.maybe you should also try our other blends such as Himtaj black and Himtaj golden as they are easily available at Mr.Snuff and we hope that you like them too
  • crullerscrullers Member
    edited March 2014 PM
    @sahibkhan212‌ I have Himtaj black and golden and think they are both excellent.
  • This is quite a helpful and informative thread. I have been debating if I should give a white a go, and it sounds like Cheeta will do the trick. I don't like the sound of something smelling fishy... Not my cup of tea. I have a scotch that reminds me a bit of fish food out of the can, but completely changes to smokey and earthy for me once in the nose. Cheeta for sure, and maybe some Elephant? It doesn't sound like Elephant is too fishy either. Only one way to find out I guess.
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