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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Where Can I Buy Snuff? On Vacation? Traveling? In My Town?

Please post any questions relating to where you have found snuff, or where you can buy it here.


  • In Billings Montana most all the smoke shops carry snuff. No big selection but you have great chance to find silver dollar. You can even find tube rose, Garrett scotch/sweet, dental sweet/Scotch but they are spread out between the half dozen shops around town.
  • jaysonjayson Member
    edited March 2013 PM
    In the Hampton Roads area of southeastern Virginia all of the Food Lion grocery stores keep a stock of:
    Dental Plain, Bruton, Tube Rose, Navy, Square,
    Superior, Society, Railroad Mills, Peach, Garrett, Tops, and Honey Bee
    As far as the tobacco shops, the selections are pitiful and anything they may have you can get at the Food Lion. I have yet to find a shop that has anything other that Railroad mills or tube rose and an occasional honey bee or navy
  • Anyone know any tobacconists in the Houston area that stock snuff? I can find Garrett Scotch and Sweet at HEB, but that's it.
  • Anywhere in Sheffield, UK? or perhaps penistone? im after menthol snuff really as my hedges might run out.
  • In Middle Tennessee pretty much all tobacco shops have Scotches and Sweets. There is only one place in Nashville that has a small selection of Wilsons and a few Silver Dollars and Dean Swifts. Ellington Place Pipe and Tobacco.
  • Anywhere in Sheffield, UK? or perhaps penistone? im after menthol snuff really as my hedges might run out.
    Sharrow Mills? Not far outside Sheffield.
  • In the past I've ordered by phone and collected snuff from the mill. Not sure if they still do that. Probably worth a phone call to find out.
  • NateNate Member
    Im on a trip to southern Tennessee near Nashville, and am hoping to find some of the snuff that aren't available up north, like Checkerberry or Dixie. Does anyone know of a good place? Maybe a chain that would carry such things? I can find all the garret stuff at home but no swisher brands.
  • KpodKpod Member
    Places I have personally seen and purchased snuff in the US:

    [State] -- [Town/City] -- [Address/Rough Location] -- [Name of Store] -- [Snuff Brand(s) Found: Scents]

    +Colorado -- Fort Collins -- 177 N College Ave. -- Al's Newsstand -- Silver Dollar: Apricot, Natural, Original, Raspberry, Vanilla

    +Colorado -- Fort Collins -- 1232 W Elizabeth St., Suite C-12 -- Smokey Monkey -- W.E. Garrett & Sons: Sweet Snuff

    +Connecticut -- Danbury -- 279 Main St. -- Ed's Cigar Box -- Railroad Mills: Plain Scotch, Sweet Scotch; Society: Sweet Scotch

    +Texas -- El Paso -- 745 S. Mesa Hills Dr.; 1201 Airway Blvd. Suite D-5 -- Tobacco Tin -- Silver Dollar: Apricot, Original, Raspberry, Spearmint; W.E. Garrett & Sons: Scotch Snuff, Sweet Snuff

    Pardon all of the OCD :P On a recent trip to Connecticut, I was stunned by the multitudes of tobacconist shops. I wanted to explore all of them, but time was in far too short of supply. It almost seemed as though there was a pipe & cigar in every shopping center!
  • In the USA, American snuffs can usually be found in coal mining towns.
  • a11ena11en Member
    Warsaw near the airport? Brother is in Poland for a day here and says he'll swing by a tobacconist on the way out. Thanks!!
  • Not many tobacconists left in the UK compared to when I was a kid. In my home town of Walsall, if any fellow-Midlander snuffers are stuck there with no supply, the Chocolate Box confectioners in Bridge Street has Red Bull, Gawith Apricot, and JHW No1. Shokers on Stafford Street has JHW No1 & Medicated No99, Hedges and some WoS - I got vanilla, aniseed extra and aniseed & eucalyptus there. Under previous management they had Ozona raspberry, too, but no more by the looks of things. There's one more place I need to check out; I'll take the bus journey and report on availability.
  • Is there any shops selling snuff in York in the UK?on holiday and would love to buy from a shop in the street.
  • @snuffykib Choice Select on the corner of Coppergate and Nessgate.
  • cheers ermtony,going to jorvik center tomorrow and that's on coppergate.ill check it out.
  • @snuffykib Choice Select on the corner of Coppergate and Nessgate.
    ill let you know what i find.many thanks.
  • @snuffykib Choice Select on the corner of Coppergate and Nessgate.
    yes they have some,wos,f&t and hedges.not many left but had hedges in sealed 20gram tins,so went for a tin because they are the freshest being sealed up.very similar to o&g.happy days.
  • Glad it worked out.
  • The Wellington pub, Bennett's Hill, Birmingham (UK) sells snuff from behind the bar. Haven't been there myself but have had this reliably reported from several sources. Apparently they have quite a variety. I've now simply got to go to check it out myself! Thinking about it, this might be the ideal venue for any members on here who are from the West Midlands to get together for beer n snuff if they fancy doing so. Dead central location in Brum city centre anyway, for anyone who's passing and wants to check it out.
  • Can get it from two shops in darlington one a papershop sells hedges and J&H medicated and a tobacconist has a number to choose from (WoS, samual gawith, McChrystals, hedges) and the flavours change too
  • I am on an extended trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador, and my shipment from Mr. Snuff has run into a customs issue. I am about to run out of tobacco. Does anyone know of a shop that might sell snuff in the city? Thank you!
  • Has anybody found Snuff locally in MN? I know of one B&M that carries some random snuff on occasion, but I'm looking specifically for Scotch Snuffs.
  • In Springfield Illinois I have found (recently) mostly the W.E. Garret Scotch and The W.E. Garret sweet.
    I used to be able to get more from the local head shop (German snuffs) before PACT.

    Right now the wife and I are in Terre Haute, Indiana and I have been looking for snuff I cant find around home. I have found some Bruton Scotch and Tube Rose as well as the W.E. Garret Scotch and the W.E. Garret Sweet. They had a HUGE tube of the regular W.E. Garret at one store, larger than I had ever seen. Also A cigar shop had ALL the new Toque USA flavors and Silver Dollar (SCORE!)

    Snagged me some wild berry, rum & cola and kentucky burban!

    also found out that when fresh, Tube Rose is one of my favorites! (the first can I got was all metal and didn't seem right)
  • @agentshags awesome find with the Toque USA and Silver Dollar! Those are very, very hard to find. Tube Rose is one of my favorites as well.
  • Does anyone know if one can buy snuff oraz snuff-related stuff on Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin?
  • ViertelViertel Member
    edited November 2013 PM
    Here you can buy snuff in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria:,27.709814&ll=42.671298,27.707069&spn=0.003333,0.004823&num=1&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=42.671084,27.707086&panoid=yLCPs8y82tjlaOVCex5bjg&cbp=12,132.22,,0,-5.84

    As I remember:
    Gletscher Prise - 15 lev
    Gawith Apricot - 15 lev
    Ozona Cherry - 15 lev
    Ozona Raspberry (5g) - 10 lev

    Prices were something like that. I was suprised when I realised they are imported from Poland. :) But it is the only shop with snuff I have found in that neighbourhood. No snuff in Nessebar. No snuff in city.

    In Barcelona and Lloret de Mar you can buy snuff in Tabacs, but not in everyone. I've seen snuff in two Tabacs/fifteen visited. And it was only Lowen Prise and Red Bull (around 4 euro)
  • Does anyone know if one can buy snuff oraz snuff-related stuff on Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin?
    Or just in Berlin, despite Poschles.

  • At work someone left a newspaper advertisement for a place called "Quality Tobacco Mart" in Albermarle NC. The address is:

    Quality Tobacco Mart
    1409 E. Main St.
    Albermarle, NC 28001

    They advertise that they have "All Tobacco and Dry Snuff!".

    I am going to check them out soon, although they probably only have american snuff, but you never know.
  • Some of the low-rent discount tobacco shops near the border in northeastern Pennsylvania (Stroudsburg area) carry a few Garrett snuffs and a tin or two of Silver Dollar if you're really lucky, but nothing really worth going out of your way for, and I haven't been up that way for a while, so I can't remember the specific shops. Shops just over the border in low tobacco-tax states that border high tobacco-tax states might be worth checking out in general, as they do a lot of volume.

    I make it a habit to stop by almost every tobacco/head shop I see when traveling to ask about snuff and see if they have anything else worth buying. Never know when I'll come across a shop with some snuff, or find some cigars that the proprietor has forgotten about for a few years and is happy to get rid of for a song.
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