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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

A request for some suggestions -SG snuffs

This or some of this has probably been asked before- pardon me. So before I place an order I wonder if anyone can suggest some Sam Gawith snuffs in a few different categories: scented but not fruit, unscented, toasts, the best/strongest peppermint (I know I like peppermint dark), or anything else outstanding and unusual. I already love the KB's, am thinking of Celtic Talisman and/or Elmo's. Black Coffee is definitely in my cart. Likely Wild Duck or Mastiff. Cob Dark or SP Scotch. Any advice would be appreciated, thank's people!


  • I really like SP Scotch. KB Plain and Elmo's Reserve are good. If you don't want fruity flavors, I wouldn't get Celtic Talisman. To me, Celtic Talisman smells almost exactly like Berry Blend Skoal... blech.
  • Thank's for the advice! It's not that I dislike fruits but I think I know which to try, prob raspberry and/or mandarin. So the Celtic Talisman has a fake sort of scent then? Hmm... Also I should try some of the menthol/medicateds, I've had some in the tap boxes, so I'm going to forget the experience with those. Maybe a moderate to heavy amount of menthol, with no more than a trace of camphor, thinking maybe Sam's Own or B Menthol, Menthol Black perhaps? I already have a couple of the Dr. Verey's in my cart- I think they were the DrV's plus and full...
  • Some of my favorites with distinctive scents are Bouquet, Princes Gold, Cob Dark, DR. Verey's Full.
    Plainish but very tasty and unique: Yellow Crest, Blue Crest.
  • My favorite SGs at the moment:

    Sam's Own - A really beautiful menthol. There's an herbal taste to it that's top-notch.
    KB Original - Just came around to this one today. Used to make me runny and give me a bit of a headache. Now I can't get enough of it. Been snuffing it all day. Their website says it has a mild citrus flavor. If so, it's very mild. I get dark, rich tobacco.
    Blue Crest - A plain SP. Coarser grind than SPs from other british manufacturers. Very easy to take.
  • Thank's guys! The cob dark and Dr Verey's full are on my list and now confirmed I reckon. I wonder which of the other 2 Dr's are better. I've had 2 of the three in tap boxes and even then they had a nice scent so I must follow up on them. I think I'll get the Sam's Own (also had in a tap box). I just don't want anything musky or that reminds me of F&T Bordeaux or Macouba (although I think I like some other brands Macouba/Maccoboys), or anything musky. The Bouquet intrigues me for some reason. Are you referring to the scented Crest's? Also thinking about the Grousemoor.
  • For scented but not fruit I would take Elmo's Reserve (Vanilla Tonquin), for an SP the No. 1 High Mill. Both are beautiful in my opinion.
  • @Mr_O No I actually haven't tried the scented versions of the Crests. However, the plain versions have some distinct and pleasing flavor.
  • Thank's for all the info people! It'll take a while to try 'em all!
  • Didn't see it mentioned ... would highly recommend SG Irish D Light. Great toast along the lines of F&T HDT or Wilsons 22.
  • If you are thinking about the Grousemoor then go for it. I still can't quite figure out what the flavourings are but they combine nicely into a very pleasant wet countryside smell if that makes any sense. It is dark and fairly coarse and moist so I find it quite easy to take. It has a slight burn and a reasonable does of nicotine.

    I seem to find myself drawn to it most days
  • snuffbrand- I've been considering it, I do like the F&T and the WoS offerings, but since I have more than a few toasts in my cart (which is getting pretty expensive) it'll be a hard call. . Maybe I should go for that instead of the Dholakia Super Strong Toast? I have heard the Dholakia ones are kinda weak in the flavor department, but super-strength potency appeals.
    chris- yeah, I'm still tempted. I do seem to like dark snuffs pretty often. Would it be better than the Bouquet or Cob Dark I wonder.

    so many decisions- life is hard! :)
  • snuffbrantsnuffbrant Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    @Mr_O --- this is just my opinion ... but ... NONE of the Dholakia toasts are toast, for one, and are, two, quite dusty and three, in general terrible --- once again, just my opinion. I have tried them all and was sadly disappointed.
  • edited October 2012 PM
    Kb original , Scotch Black,Princes dark,richt kind,celtic talisman,elmos reserve,cola.plum ,menthol black,golden glow. All moist and satisfying
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Thank's guys! I'll take that all into consideration. Maybe I will take the D. Toast off the list. Prob about 15 days till I can place my order, time to think about it. Somebody said the golden glow is sandalwoody, is that true? I like sandalwood. Scotch black sounds good too. Does the Prince's have any musk to it? Is the menthol black pretty menthol-ey or maybe close to the peppermint dark(which I love)? If the plum has a pretty strong scent I might like it, though I'm leaning towards mandarin, cherry or raspberry. Sorry to bombard with questions...but I really appreciate you guy's advice!
  • Princes has no musk, as far as I recall. I would avoid SG's fruit snuffs. Most are very artificial smelling.
  • I really like Wild Duck and Grousemoor
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited October 2012 PM
    Xander- good, I'll leave it on the eventual purchase list if not in this order. I kind of thought to maybe just try one of the fruits in a tin (I had raspberry in a tap-box, and thought it was OK). I guess they'll be in a maybe/maybe not list. Thinking of Celtic Talisman as a possibility still.
    cakeanddottle- it's good have those recommended, I've been compelled to get both of them.

    I emailed Sam Gawith last night, asking about strongly scented peppermints and another question or two, some of you may want to see this:

    "For a dark, coarse and well flavoured Peppermint snuff then we would recommend our Mastiff.
    Cob Dark is based on KB (Kendal Brown) which is coarse and moister than others and a flavour which is medium strength scent and medium sweet. The scent on Grousemoor is the same but the snuff is a blend of KB and SP thus giving a slightly lighter, in colour and weight, snuff. The flavour on GM snuff is not the flavour of GM tobacco.
    There is no Sandalwood in Golden Glow. The flavour is basically a menthol with Patchouli, Sweet Birch and one or two others inc Violet"

    My list at the moment (for the SG part of my order):
    Black Coffee
    Cob Dark
    Dr Verey's Full (I've had both of these doc's in tap-boxes)
    Dr Verey's Plus
    KB Original (a re-order)
    Sam's Own (had in a tap-box)
    SP Scotch
    Celtic Talisman(or maybe Elmo's)
  • It should be stated that while the Celtic Talisman has fruit in it (Cherry,) it shouldn't be considered a fruit snuff but more in the category of dessert. The flavoring is cherry vanilla and personally I find it very close to a Red Velvet cake. It does tend to carry a sharp initial burn in scent, when first opened and in nose feel. This quickly dissipates and the snuff itself becomes much smoother and round. If a highly scented dessert snuff is what you're after, I would highly recommend this.
  • It does sound kinda tasty right about now. I think it'll be that or: cherry, raspberry, Elmo's, Ma's Ruin, Vanilla, Chocolate, Mandarin, Plum, CCC...something different (fruit, dessert or whatever) than the ones more written in stone for my order, and from what I have at home: X blend, KB original, and KB Special, and some tap boxes (which maybe don't count, and may be given away when I find a taker somewhere). The grousemoor may be too similar to the cob dark, so I might pass on that this time around. Oh, yeah, I've added golden glow to the main list above. This'll be fun (a teeny bit of a diabolical laugh-moohaha) :) I do one or two Mr. Snuff orders a year, gonna go big...
  • @Mr_O wow, they were very forthcoming, and thanks for sharing that info. I wrote to them a few times, and never got much back. I still don't know what CCC stands for....
    Anyway, looks like a good selection you have.
  • I havent seen Golden Glow mentioned yet. Very distinct and original. I've got a few tins. Nice burn to it as well. The scent lasts for hours. I often smell it the next morning, it's that lingering.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Very good info @Mr_O!
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited November 2012 PM
    Xander- thank's! I'm trying to plan a happy future with some good additions to my snuff family. I don't know if you've had it but I had the CCC in a tap box and even then it had some nice flavor. It did seem to agree with their description of being scented with various root herbs (I think that's what they said on their website.)

    Yeah, I was very happy with their prompt (a matter of hours) and informative reply!
  • Princes has no musk, as far as I recall. I would avoid SG's fruit snuffs. Most are very artificial smelling.
    This is something I just found out. I don't like the Cherry or Strawberry. But, the Apple is actually not bad at all.

    I'm gonna have to try out some of these other SG's mentioned in this thread.
  • @Mr_O I have the CCC and yes, I can speculate on the flavor as well. Correct, something spicy-herbal. I just want to know what the initials "CCC" meant.

    @TopgraphicTales I'll grant that the Apple is the exception to that rule. I've had the Raspberry and Apricot only otherwise and was not happy with either. Not too keen on the Mimosa either.
    Also I have to add that their straight florals (not counting Bouquet and some of the floral type blends) are pretty awful. Wallflower and Carnation are just bad. They are night and day compared to Wilsons ones of the same names. Wilsons makes excellent florals.
    However, I'm only one opinion. So try for yourselves.
  • Make sure you try the Banana , If not for the Banana flavor for the smooth sweet tobacco drip . strange it became my fave .
  • The raspberry is the longest lasting scent I had come across with the SG offerings.didn't care for the apricot or cherry.Vanilla has little to no scent and there are better chocolates to be had.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • The raspberry is still a likely try for me, had a tap box of it and still had some scent to it-not bad. It's nice to have feedback, a vanilla or chocolate I would want to have a fairly strong scent, so you may have saved me some trouble! Was the cherry just plain unpleasant, too sweet, too artificial? If it was what I would like to picture it'd be nice, probably not the case though... not much of a fan of banana in general, personally, 'cept for nanner bread... I'm curious about the difference between Ma's Ruin and Gin and Tonic, is it just a bit of lime added? Quinine doesn't have a scent does it? Anyways thank's for the guidance and info people! Think I'm heading in the right direction...
  • Simply cannot go wrong with black coffee, wild duck, celtic talisman or cob dark. I generally like their blends and certainly like their packaging. Love the satisfying sound of the vacuum seal opening up.
  • stogie-Loox like I'll have at least 2 of the 4 you mentioned. Does the wild duck have anything besides peppermint?

    I'd really like a strong peppermint + eucalyptus (+ lavender maybe) flavored snuff, but I'm not aware of one.

    Especially a lovely whoosh when one cracks open a very old tin of pipe tobacco.
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