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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Any new batches of ABRAXAS coming down the pipe?

Mr_OMr_O Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
I've been hoping to try the original Premium Batch and the Cerise. Probably will place Mr. Snuff order in November, so I'm just curious...
(Maybe I should have just PM'ed this- pardon me)


  • Cerise around about September, Premium probably November. They are made to order now, rather than in constant production as I'm concentrating on building up the more affordable Dragun series with another two Draguns due to be hatched soon. Cerise and Premium both have long maturation periods so will only appear a couple of times a year. I have an experimental batch of a much finer milled version of Premium also maturing, which may come out sooner if I am happy with it. Maybe more regular Cerise and Premium production in the future depending on how the rest of the business goes. Thanks for the enquiry!
  • Hmmmm, I kinda wish I could preorder. I was looking last night for Cerise after having read a couple posts on it and watching a youtube video. I didn't see it listed on Mr Snuff @Snuffster
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Thank's for the update Snuffster! I look forward to trying them!
  • @jimmyb It's only listed when it's on sale. I think Dave did look at pre-orders but it ended up with the whole batch sold weeks before it was even packed and shipped to his warehouse. I leave that side of things to him completely.
    @Mr.O - No problem - I hope the wait is worth it.
  • Update:
    I will be releasing Premium Fin and Dragun CM in the next couple of weeks. The Premium Fin is a finely milled version of the original Premium Batch, aimed at the folks who don't like coarse ground snuffs - the flavour and composition are the same as the original.

    Dragun CM is a medium strength menthol snuff with chilli and a touch of lemon. It is a simpler flavour without the range of 'curry' spices in the original. My first menthol snuff .

    There will also be a new batch of Cerise coming out at the same time, and, as said above, a batch of Premium original - coarse milled - in November or slightly earlier, depending on how it's maturing
  • @Snuffster, I too look forward to the arrival of the newest batch of the premium.

    BTW, I store my nasal snuffs in the vegetable tender of my refrigerator. This weekend I was digging through the bottom and found an unopened glass jar full of the first batch of this snuff you made. It was a bit dried out (the color was much lighter), but the flavor has only improved. Some things simply should not be rushed.....
  • Sounds like one of the second batch that I made when I was trialling a different tobacco, most people didn't like it. I am very happy with the new blend though - I went through a lot tobacco getting the balance of the fin right. Time will tell.
  • As much as i'd like to try the other Abraxas snuffs, i'm glad to hear Dragun is still going full speed ahead. Should be ordering a bulk of it soon, just got a new job :D
  • HA. Isent it funny that the first thing we think of when getting a new job, working overtime, etc is "Think of all the snuff i will be able to try!"? Added Dragun to my recent order, it better not be good, or i will have to work more overtime.
  • @Vito445: congrats on the new job. That has to feel good.

    BTW: a new Dragun blend will arrive shortly.
  • I've had the honor and privilege to review the new Premium Fin and Dragun CM. Some brief write ups are available in the Abraxas Reviews section for anyone interested.
  • I have been held up with some printing and packaging supply issues, but I should get the menthol to the warehouse in the next few days, fin hopefully next week. Thanks for the reviews @Scurvy!
  • After a lot of hassle with various suppliers, I have finally got a consignment of the new Dragun menthol in the mail to the warehouse - should be on sale at Mr Snuff early next week, hopefully the Premium Fin and Cerise later in the week.
  • Yes! cannot wait for the good Abraxas to be back in stock.. Just got some Dragun coming and looking forward ot trying the rest of the Abraxas line! thanks!
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