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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's in your pipe?



  • TapoutTapout Member
    Nighcap from 2005. Really good stuff.
  • C&D Crooner jarred in 2007.
  • Tilbury
  • 2018 PS luxury navy flake.
  • 2005 Nightcap.
  • @Tapout - Nice! I haven't smoked a bowl of Nightcap for sometime, but do still have a couple of Dunhill tins cellared I think. A great blend for something with a long stem in the moonlit hours for sure :)
  • I Don’t get into it very often because it is no longer in production. But i stared at it for five minutes and decided, hell I could get run over by a truck tomorrow so what am I waiting for??? In my bowl is my favorite of all time vaper, McClelland 2015 that has been jarred since 2005. I have less than a LB of this in my stash and only allow myself a few ounce treat once or twice a year. It’s a real shame McClelland closed up shop. Fabulous smoke!
  • Peterson deluxe, nice if you like sweet toppings
  • Sam Gawith Squadron Leader , its almost a daily for me 
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited December 2021 PM
    @Just_Browsing - Keeping it 'Full English' there; respect to you   =D> I haven't had a tin of Squad for a time, but from recollection it was a very nice smoke. I had a very enjoyable bowl of Dunhill 963 up the pub a couple of weeks back and reflected then on just how good the 'English' blends are. I like them a lot better than the tasteless aromatics (only good for the room note those IMAO!) I do like a good scented plug though, and I have a guilty pleasure of SG's 1792 flake, that and maybe Germains Plum Cake is about as far as I can go that way... 
  • @MisterPaul Good taste. I like NIghtcap, Squadron Leader, and Perfection, all almost daily. I like sticky heavy topped stuff after dinner sometimes, Gawith American black cherry, Gawith American coffee caramel etc, but only a bowl now and then. It's a bit like my taste in snuff though, its rare to find one i really dislike, and i love chopping and changing, it stops me getting bored of the ones i love best. Variety really is the spice of life.
  • Opened a big tin of Orlik's Golden Sliced a few days ago. It seems whenever I open this blend, I smoke it bowl after bowl until its a memory. Seems to hit all the right buttons. Is there a blend that you seem to smoke more than any other?  For me it's C&D Three Friars. If the OGS came in jar-able bulk, It might give TF a run for its money.
  • I have a couple of blends that I've historically been very fond of. Although now that I smoke a pipe very infrequently they last MUCH longer ;) :)) Dunhill Eary Morning is the one I've gotten through the most of and it always hits the spot. I'm also very partial to a flake; so either MacBaren HH Old Dark Fired or Germain's Brown or Rich Dark Flake. I do like VaPer rolls, and either Orlick Bulls Eye or Dunhill Navy are a fine treat if I have time, I personally don't think that VaPer's rest well, so I like to finish the bowl in one sitting.

    In Summary I guess EMP if the sun is out and a flake if not ;)
  • For me its Petersons Irish Flake, shame it doesn't come in bulk a tin doesnt last me long at all. Good thing I stockpiled the stuff years ago, still have several dozen tins ageing in the cellar.
  • Both Irish Flake and EMP are good smokes for sure. I’m especially fond of the Irish Flake. Good and strong in nic and flavor with that Kentucky leaf in there.
  • Opened a 14 oz tub of Edgeworth Ready Rubbed that Ive had in the tobacco cellar since 2008. I'm planning on getting a sample of a couple match blends that are available so I can back to back compare them. Apparently, Lane, and P&C both make a clone. I'll be in a good position to see if that "match" word applies.
  • Gawith Hoggarth Sliced black twist RM
  • Meistermischung no 88
  • 30 estate briars, all filled with:
    Course rock salt and 99.9 percent Isopropyl alcohol. 
    I smoke them all on rotation, and its time for a "service" 
  • GQ Breakfast Blend
  • Gawith Hogarth Balkan Blend 
  • Hey @Chris ! Lovely to see your avatar pop up; hoping that you are well :-)

    @Just_Browsing - GHBB; That's a great oriental blend, could be top of tree or maybe the Peter Stockkebye? I do love a good oriental belnd  
  • @MisterPaulpipe baccy is like tea to me, sometimes i like a plain old english breakfast, sometimes a perfumy earl grey, and sometimes a strong smoky lapsang souchong: today its lapsang and the Latakia heavy balkan blend. Always good to mix things up, as we all know with the snuff. 
    Always good thank you, hope you and yours the same 
  • Orlik Golden Sliced in a reed stemmed cob. Only 10 or so smokes have been thru this, and it's starting to come around. 20 more and it should be broke in.

  • All well thank you. It was good to see that you had returned. I meant to send a welcome back message but last year all got a bit hectic so my apologies that I never got round to that.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  • Gawith Hoggarth, American Blend Coffee Caramel ( love it, but i think there's more casing and topping than actual tobacco in it  :))
  • Sam Gawith Squadron Leader 
  • McClelland 2015 jarred back in 2005.
  • TapoutTapout Member
    Sutliff virginia slices
  • Last night is was some Dunhill Durbar that I brought about a decade ago in an oversized 1950's GBD calabash that I purchased around the same time - A truly fabulous smoke tbf, one of my best pipes ever for some reason. I never had the pleasure of being acquainted with the original iteration of Durbar, but this version has matured beautifully.   
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