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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's in your pipe?



  • Esoterica Stonehaven. This and Tilbury are the only two Esoterica blends I appreciate. Still wouldn't pay secondary scalper prices for them.
  • Peretti Pride of Loch Lomond
  • Smokers' Haven Select Mixture. Eagerly awaiting their restock.
  • SG Perfection
  • Rattray Old Gowrie
  • '07 McClelland Christmas Cheer
  • Some Ratrays Hal o the wynd. I love it.
    @pantsBoots how is the old gowrie? I never tried this blend. But i like ratrays a lot. Like marlin flake and red rapparee
  • @Hloridison I love Hal o' the Wynd, but Old Gowrie is a stunner, especially with some age. I just put up a kilo of HotW, but missed the bags of OG. I'll be jarring several kilos of that when it comes back around. My advice is to start with the 100g tin of Old Gowrie to make sure you like it (you will if you like HotW), and then start with the bags. Red Rapparee is another Rattray's favorite of mine.
  • @pantsBoots thank you for the info. The gowrie is pure virginia, right? Virginia is always better when matured.
  • @Hloridison I believe Old Gowrie also has Perique and Kentucky, though in lesser amounts than Brown Clunee (stronger in Perique) and Hal o the Wynd (stronger in Kentucky). They're all great, but I prefer the Old Gowrie because it lets more of the mature Virginias shine in through.
  • Watch City Rhythm & Blues. Recent release - looking forward to see how this stuff ages.
  • Presbyterian. Fantastic mild English that is light on the Latakia.
  • Got a tall bowl of Wessex Campaign Brigade Dark Flake loaded up for later today.
  • Gawith & Hogarth Dark Plug - strong in vitamin N!
  • Ooh that sounds good, dont have the plug but I got the flake so its G&H Dark Flake unscented in a Pete prince churchwarden before bed
  • GH Ennerdale
  • Watch City Rougaroux in a Savinelli brandy-shaped bowl
  • Germain's Balkan Sobranie
  • GH Dark Flake
  • Savinelli 140th Anniversary blend. Hope this returns as a regular production blend.
  • Savinelli Brunello Flake. Exemplary Va/Bur with some Oriental thrown in
  • Dunhill Nightcap. At around 10 years old, it has become perfection
  • Three Nuns. "None Nicer"
  • Reiner Long Golden Flake
  • GH Ennerdale
  • Germain's Rich Dark Flake
  • Today: Astley's no 44, Old Gowrie, Pease Quiet Nights
  • Condor RR in a Little Devil Cutty cob. My favourite smoke bar none.
  • TapoutTapout Member
    C&D Old Joe Krantz that has been cellared since 2007. It’s sublime.
  • Stonehaven. This is the one ET blend that deserves the hype
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