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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's in your pipe?



  • MacBaron Vintage Syrian
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    borkum riff bronze, testin the borkums out..they all seem to have an above average tongue burn.

  • G&H Dark Plug in a Clay
  • Pipes are empty at the moment. I only tend to buy 25g per month these days, which lasts me about 10 days. It's snuff and vape for the rest of the month. I used to smoke the pipe more, but it started becoming too much of a "need" so I backed off somewhat. I don't want to end up with the pipe being the same craving that cigarettes used to be. I'll probably pick up a bag of something next weekend.
  • GH Kendal KY.
    @50ft_trad pipes have never been a need for me. I can go weeks without them although during long periods of absence I do miss them. I think that since I don't inhale the nic affects the body much like cigars. Do you inhale? I have been tempted to a few times but always decide to avoid it. Anyway, whatever works for you is good. I am glad that you can at least enjoy it once in a while.
  • @J_S It depends on the tobacco whether I inhale. It's all good though, as I don't want to be spending too much on it when I already have over a decade's supply of snuff stashed away. I prefer to keep it as an occasional treat than risk letting it become anything more.
  • Condor Ready Rubbed in a Pete XL23
  • Black House in a Savinelli 320
  • C&D Big n' Burley.
  • CH in a Dr. Grabow Freehand Poker, G'Day

    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • GL Pease Key Largo in a Bones straight billiard

  • Lane Crown Achievement
  • Squadron Leader in a MM General Cob.
  • SG FVF.
  • Prince Albert in a Barling apple

  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    edited January 2018 PM
    Greve Gilbert Hamiltons mixture. Tastes like cigarettes and burns too fast.
    Only positive thing I can say about it is that it doesn't leave any moisture in the pipe, and it burns clean, hardly any tar deposits.

  • Mississippi River
  • Cross Eyed Cricket...
  • Jack knife plug
  • G&H Dark Plug in a Dawnmist Clay
  • Sam Gawith Full Virginia Flake in an Upshall Pot.
  • Frog Morton's Cellar in a Bones straight billiard. 

    As an amateur pipe refurbisher, I have sanded/polished many pipes right back down to the raw briar, but they have usually been smooth or rusticated. This pipe was an unsmoked sandblasted pipe, and I am fascinated to observe the way it takes on color. I've had about 6 smokes in it so far, and the color is slowly deepening. Between the porousness of the wood, and the absorption of skin oils from handling, there's a synergy, perhaps like the coloring that meerschaum smokers get so obsessed with. 

  • Five Brothers in a MM General Cob
  • CH in a full bent CB, G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • Dunhill Ye Olde Signe in a Pete XL23
  • Kendal Gold Blueberry, albeit rebranded with some current ambiguous name that wouldn't make sense unless you knew exactly what you were looking for
  • Prince Albert in a Kaywoodie
  • Sam's Flake in a Pete XL23
  • Dunhill Royal Yacht in an IMP Meer
  • St Bruno RR in a Hardcastle bulldog
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