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Snuff Jars

merdock69merdock69 Member
edited October 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Now it would be really cool to find a few of these old things!



  • They are on EBay ever so often.
  • Here is one on EBay for you merdock69 Snuff Jar on EBay
  • Well that's a lot more than I would have thought. I'll stick to combing the yard and estate sales. Maybe I'll come across one.
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  • I wouldn't mind having one to put my Stoker's in!
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  • Those jars have a nostalgic charm, but they don't look like they seal up tight enough for long term storage. There are some amber glass apothecary jars with ground glass stoppers that would be better imho.
  • Well what I use now is like the kitchen type canister glass jars with the rubber gasket & latch type closure that pulls the lid tight. They work great but it would also be fun to have some in one of these old jars & reach in for a pinch. With a dry fine snuff I wouldn't be to concerned about how well it sealed. The only thing I would worry about is where you kept it so it didn't pick up any other flavors/aromas.

    Here's a set of 6 vintage snuff jars in a chrome wire caddy I just won on Ebay for $6.40.(shipping included!)
  • YaznakiYaznaki Member
    edited November 2007 PM

    Nice score!
  • Yes, Helme sold some of their snuffs in these around the 40's I believe & also gave them out in sort of an exchange of your snuff labels. Kind of like the camel cash or how Copenhagen gave gifts in exchange for your lids.

    You got a very good price. These jars usually sell for around $2-$10 each depending if the lids are rusty or not. Good score.
  • By the description, I expect some rust on some of the lids. But there are lids for all six. Maybe hit it with a buffing wheel and rubbing compound if the spots aren't too deep.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited November 2007 PM
    Don't know if I would use a buffing wheel or not. Any heat on these tin lids might discolor or warp them. If you do, keep the lids wet with water while buffing, don't let it go dry while buffing. Probably best with a hand polish or oil with a super fine steel wool (test the steel wool on small section to make sure it doesn't mark it) then just degrease afterwards. They will probably have dark stains/spots like an old knife blade. But those add character to what you have.
  • I figured I might as well show the nice little bottles I got at a yard sale the other day. I picked up 4 of the same size. They are from candles. I soaked them in a tub of bleach water then put in dish washer & that got rid of the scented candle smell. I did leave one with the scent, it was a banana nut bread scented candle I thought I might see how this will scent snuff that I put in it because the jar smells great. They have a tight sealed lid as well as a hollow cavity in the lid that I could use as a humidifier or scent distributer if needed. They are similar to the pipe tobacco jars but smaller. Just figured I would share this pic in case it gives anyone else ideas for jars to use.

  • I got the Three Thistle in a snuff swap with my good friend omegapd.
  • Interesting collection of African Snuff bottles, spoons & pipes
  • Stitch, I forgot to ask how those jars were that you got? Were they in as good of shape as the pics showed?
  • On a super cheap level, I find the plastic party size jars that peanuts come in make great snuff jars - they don't look so nice but its a little bit of re-cycling and they are airtight.

    The jars in this post are really cool - they remind me of something in my local church which is 600 years old. In the bell tower are ale jars that were used by the bell ringers in the 1700's, they obviously sat up there getting pissed while the service was going on and the jars have just sat on their shelf for three hundred years without anyone moving them, right where the old boys left them.
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