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"Whats the Best Way to Store Snuff"

thehooksterthehookster Member
edited November 2009 in General
Hello Snuffhouse,

I aquired alot of snuff here in the last two months.Thiers no way i use it up anytime soon. And all of them are different as i like to just open up 1 of 3 drawers and just pick a snuff. I thought about vaccum sealing them but that would be a hassel, I would be revaccuming them often because i cant stay out of them. Vaccum sealing seems like a great idea for snuffs you have two of or bulk. What would be the best way for storing them in my case so i would be able to pinch from them easily at any giving time? With still keepem them fresh as long as possible. Do the tins/tubs/dispensers keep thier snuff fresh for a reasonable time at room temperture? I also thought about keepem them in the ice box. What do yall think about that? I would have to get alittle beer box for all my snuff. It probably take up to much room in the family ice box. lol Hopefully yall have some better ideas. I would hate for any of my snuff to go bad! Each one has its special place in my heart/nose.

Any help will be very appreciated!

How do yall store yalls snuff?

ps I will try to take some pictures of my snuff and snuff boxes and where i store them this week!



  • It takes a really long time for them to "go bad" but they can dry out pretty fast. I know some use refrigeration on freeze, but I don't. Airtight jars are what I store bulk in. The tins they come in are ok, but they will start to dry within a couple of months. Some are better than others. F&T tubes seem to be the best for getting a good airtight seal since they have a gasket and a tight screw top. You can seal them with a little electrical tape if you're not into them very often. That's more convienent than vacuum sealing. That's just a few things you can do, ohers will have more. I don't have a perfect solution, I just try to use them up fast!
  • I use Tupperware canisters. Nice airtight seal, easy to open and close.
  • Thanks Xander and bigmick i think i will put electric tape on probably all my tins and try to focus on just a couple at a time that way i can seal up the others till i get to them but i know me soon as i seal them with tape i'm going to want a pinch! lol But like they say you can't have your cake and eat it too!

    I hope to hear more from you guys!

  • I put the tins in freezer bags and store them in the refrigerator. They tend to clump up a little but they stay fresh for a long time.
  • I have quite a few of my snuffs in Click-clack canisters. I used to get them at a kitchen store, but they are available on line too. They are hardened plastic, and they don't take on smells very easily. Also, the lids allow you to push the air out. So far, they have kept snuffs fresh for almost a year.
    Click-Clack canisters
  • I've been stockpiling a fairly large quantity of Wilsons HDT No. 22, buying the 260g plastic tins (which are really just a plastic jar and screw on lid). I now have 6 unopened 260g containers. (Yeah, I know it's crazy.) I have the jars sitting on a closet shelf, in the dark. I'm actually wondering for how long they'll keep this way. Obviously, it's going to take years to use all this up. Since it's a toast, I certainly don't need to worry about it drying out, but I'm beginning to wonder if the Wilsons storage container is the best thing to store it in over the long term. What exactly is the recommended shelf life of these 260g plastic containers of snuff?

    I did write to Wilsons of Sharrow with this very question and never received a reply.

    I know there are people here who bought the 2 pound Stoker's snuff. How are you storing it? Is it OK to store it in the plastic tub for years?
  • @kjoerup
    I'm not sure of my source,(Some juicing forum) but i remember reading that HDPE Plastic (#2) Is a great moisture barrier, other low density plastics can leak moisture. Hopefully that helps, might be worth considering placing the snuff into large bags in those containers, or just leave as is....making sure not to store them along with other strong smelling things.Possibly placing some charred bamboo, or activated charcoal, (non smelly stuff to absorb scent/moisture) Alongside
    the tubs in the closet to absorb any household scents, but then again, those tubs are probably suitable for long term storage without added precautions.

    I mainly store unopened or bulk bags of snuff in my freezer. Opened tins stay in either my computer desk drawer, another dresser drawer, or a box on my dresser. I "Now" try to practice not having too many Wilsons tins going at once, as they seem to dry out if i don't finish them. I kick myself for not keeping the original bags for my Toque 25 G tins, as they have all lost the finesse just eventually drying out in their containers.(Except, St Clements, Whiskey Honey, Toast n Marmalade, Raspberry and Spanish Gem...I don't think these ones ever lose flavor)

    Whenever i get new snuff, I try to appreciate 1-3 tins at a time, rather than all 20 !!! The only "problem" of late I've had, is normally with the 25G SP tins(Wilsons Best SP,Tombuck, or McChrystals SP), I stop filling my snuffbox about halfway into the tin, and just snuff right from the opened tin for the remainder. I'm usually snuffing the last 3-5 grams when it gets rather "dusty" But i kind of like that in them, with the exception of Tom Buck.
  • I put some in smaller tins, and stash the rest in the freezer.
  • I don't go crazy about storage of snuffs. I have a couple of plastic tubs with lids I can fit a whole lot of small tins in, and a few I just have laying about. I have them in my home desk drawer.
  • @ kjoerup: I've had no problem with the Stokers 2lb tubs. Now two years old, the snuff seems as fresh as the day it arrived. In fact it may be a tad better for having aged.
  • Heck, I've just got a big cigar box. Everything goes in it: Scotches, menthols, Cheese & Bacon, what have you. I find the smell tremendous, everyone else says, "What in the hell is that smell?" But as for cross-contamination, I've had no issues...
  • Witn respect to all, I think the freezer thing may have started due to dip and chew tobacco. I have been snuffing for 30 years and in my experience the only thing that counts is that the snuff is in an airtight container. You don't want the mositure to escape so if its in an airtight cannister it will last for decades. Thats why we get good, viable snuff from decades ago on ebay which is just as good as the stuff you buy now; those old bottles were airtight. I've got a collection of bottled Smith's snuffs that I got in 1982 and they are in as good a condition as when I bought them.

    I'm not knocking people who say it should go in a freezer but with great respect it is entirely unneccessary. Get yourself a food grade storage cannister with an airtight lid and any snuff you choose to store in it will be fine.

    I use the Wilsons of Sharrow half pound plastic jars - the snuff in there lasts from year to year in perfect condition.
  • I know the freezer isn't really needed. I do love the first cold sniffs coming out though. Refreshing! Especially the Coke.
  • Well, thats a different matter altogether, I do the same with chocolate bars, nothing nicer than ice cold chocolate.
  • I did store my snuffs in the freezer, but the freezer became too full with my wine-making fruits, so they are now just stored in clip & lock tubs in my office cupboard. I have sorted them into each tub by style rather than manufacturer (plain, SPs, toasts, perfumed, florals, fruit, menthols, schmalzers, and traditional/other blends) to avoid tainting. That seems to do the trick.
  • Thanks, everyone, for the assistance. I figured that the Wilsons container ought to be sufficient, but I just wanted to be certain.

    Snuff existed long before refrigeration, so I don't understand why some of you feel that it is necessary to freeze it. I'm not criticizing,just wondering!
  • I have found the best place to store snuff is in my nose :)
  • @leman you must have a big nose ;o)
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited November 2009 PM
    If you have Wilsons containers you have the perfect ready made storage jar.
  • While airtight storage is best for storage of snuff. The breathing of snuff is worthy of mentioning. An anaerobic environment will preserve scents of designer snuff best but it is recommended to let snuff breathe after such storage before use. This is not so important because it is something that takes place automatically (i.e. you have to open it to get to it). However, if you are making your own snuff or trying to change the character of a designer snuff. The difference between aerobic and anaerobic aging can be useful in the outcome of your efforts. A completely anaerobic environment can take up to three months to effect change in a full, sealed container. In an aerobic environment change can be rapid and hard to control. A breathable container of clay, stone or wood is ideal for a more controlled yet still aerobic environment. Temperature is a crucial factor and UV rays another. Cool and dark is best for preservation.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited November 2009 PM
    Good points. I base my remarks purely on keeping a snuff static - ie not one that is being worked on or specifically aged or altered.

    When it comes to ageing a finished or bought snuff in anaerobic conditions you will literally wait years for change, if any, to take place. The most I can say for my older snuffs is that they are just mellowed down a bit. I gave Roderick a can of snuff that had been opened twice in 29 years; some of the original sharpness had been knocked off but not massively so.

    Fat Cop
  • A question... for those that store all their snuffs in a couple of glass airtight containers, is it ok to mix flavors of snuff together? Coming from snus, I know that you want to store like flavors with like, or they will mix in their bag in the freezer. I have some mason jars, and just plan to store my snuff in the closet, but should mentholated snuffs be kept separate?

    Thanks all!
  • @CzechCzar No mixing and yes keep menthol's separate. If you insist on keeping snuff in the original tins put each one in a separate zip lock baggie. If you plan on creating a large collection 100 plus snuffs invest in 2 ounce glass jars. Just empty the snuff into a jar and label it or remove label and stick it to the jar. Baby food jars work well. or you can purchase small jelly jars.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Does this--refrigeration--apply to the schmalzers, too? Or would that have an adverse effect on the oil used?
  • Best way to store snuff?
    .... in your nose :D
  • in your pockets. How else are you gonna snuff it when you're out and about.
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    Would big mason jars with Boveda Pack cigar humidor packets to keep humidity in jar/humidor be good for storing snuffs to keep them moist? I hate snuffs drying out lol I want to fill huge mason jar with SWS and Bernard Tap boxes with that Boveda Pack to keep them moist.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    You shouldn't need humidity for sealed tap boxes. I'm also thinking that the humidity packs might be too much humidity for snuff. I'm not sure of the rh of nasal snuff, but it definitely is much less than cigars and pipe tobacco. The lowest rh bag that boveda makes is 32%. They also claim that I'd they don't have one for your application they can make it, but not sure what that takes. Anyone know the rh range of snuff? I know there will be a difference between the usual Poschls offerings and an American scotch.
  • So, I ordered 450g of f&t hdt, 450g Wilson's iht22, 500g DW and 150g WE.

    I have never done bulk like this before.

    Do I want to separate these into smaller glass jars? I remember a post a while back about the locking glass jars being good for storage.

    These are obviously all very dry snuffs.
    Is air in the original container going to mess up the flavor?

    Just want to know if I need to acquire something better for long term storage.
  • @agentshags, I personally would separate them into smaller amounts, I've never ordered big bulk like that though. My guess is too much air they would dry up even more and lose their scents. I could be wrong though.
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