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Question about deKralingse Latakia Orange

JavaJava Member
edited April 2012 in Types of Snuff
Hello, all.
I'm just getting back into snuff, after 25 years away. I have a question about the de Kralingse Latakia Orange. How subtle is the "orange" in this snuff? I'm not detecting any hint of orange in it. It is likely that 25 years of Camel filters have rendered my nose unable to pick up a subtle orange flavor. If the orange is stronger than that, then perhaps Mars mislabeled the smashbox, and sent me Ao by mistake? (It's definitely Latakia) Whatever it is, it's good!

Have Fun,


  • AlexAlex Member
    Welcome Tom!

    Here you find a small review: Oranje Snuif by De Kralingse. I found the scent easy to detect in the beginning. Nevertheless, you need to store it in an air-tight container in order not to lose it. Maybe its a storage problem if you couldn't find a scent in it from the beginning on.

  • JavaJava Member
    Thanks, all, for the welcome.
    Back in my college days, (while the earth's crust was still cooling) my favorite was Dunhill's "Menthus Plus". Apparently Dunhill hasn't been in the snuff business for some time, but an early love of the menthols explains my choices for a "first" snuff order. I've found that the McChrystal's O&G is very much like my old favorite, making it my new favorite. I like the Gletcherprise, as an occasional "all day" snuff. For non-menthols, I really like the Dean Swift SP. I've tried a few Wilson's, and they're good, but a little finer and dryer than I like. I love the de Kralingse (whatever it is). As a confirmed pipe smoker, I feel that Latakia is a Very Good Thing but it causes me to reach for a hanky sooner, rather than later, and for that reason I won't be carrying it all day.

  • JavaJava Member
    Well since this morning, I've been using the Wilson's Menthol Plus. It's a little darker, and more moist than the other Wilson's I've tried, and I like it quite a bit. Right up there with the McC's O&G. I'm very curious about the deKralingse Orange. Alex mentioned that it could be a storage problem. I've kept it in the "smashbox" it was received in, and only opened it when I wanted a pinch (Maybe a dozen times). I can't imagine it was ever much more moist than it is now! It does make for a perfect excuse for another Mars order. But if Mars had a batch left open, or a batch of Ao mislabled as Orange, One week later, I'd probably be getting more of that same batch.
  • JavaJava Member
    Thanks, moisty, that makes sense. I fear that a pack a day for a couple of decades has ruined my nose, and taste buds. I'm told that now that I've quit, they should come back. Even not noticing the orange, I find myself reaching for a pinch of the deK once or twice every evening. Wonderful stuff. When I get my nose back, it should be even better! The funny thing about all this is, I've never cared for "fruity" snuffs, but I've spent so much time contemplating the deKralingse, I find myself wanting to try an orange snuff!
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