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DIY snuff spoons

shikitohnoshikitohno Member
edited November 2013 in Snuff Accessories
So, to stave off boredom and keep myself awake, I decided I was going to carve out a snuff spoon for myself. I headed down to the beach, and started looking at drift wood, and found I piece I thought would be suitable. Eventually, I was left with a stump too small to use because it kept snapping/splitting when I went to carve out the bowl of the spoon. Eventually, I gave up and went at another stick, with a bit more success. The result was slightly shorter than I intended, and the handle is a little split at the end, but it actually works okay. It might be a bit short, but it looks like it could actually reach down to the bottom of a medium tin of F&T, which is kind of why I wanted a spoon to begin with.

A little bit sticks to it, since I have no sandpaper and couldn't smooth the bowl out properly, but a bit of a sniff solves the problem. I now have two large blisters on my left thumb and index finger as a reward for my poor knife skills, but I'm actually pretty happy, as ugly as this thing is. Any one else try making their own snuff accessories?


  • Not got the patience or the skill, I buy all my stuff...
  • I haven't attempted to fashion one myself, but have occasionally resorted to using the back end of some of my cutlery to spoon out Snuff. It doesn't work too bad, other than looking a little undignified.
  • Here is a post with some of our homemade spoons.

    Snuff Spoons
  • Here are some I made a while back. I have made one more but I had about 6 of them that fell apart before I got them done.
    Here is a link:
  • Plastic collar stays are perfect and slip right into the wallet. They don't break, can reach way down in snuff tubes and the pointy end is perfect for filling bullets. I doubt a better snuff spoon was ever made and if you insist on precious metals, they come in silver too.
  • I made a cool little spoon out of JB weld. It works great!
  • One day I was searching for something in my kitchen to use as a makeshift snuff spoon and discovered that an upside down plastic spoon/fork handle worked perfectly and measured the right amount of snuff. I cut off the spoon end and now have a 3 inch long snuff spoon that has been in use for 3-4 months at home. Away from home, I simply snuff off the back of my hand.
  • When I need a snuff spoon, I just use the flat part of a pipe nail. It works well, it costs 1 dollar, and is available at any tobacco store.
  • I stole Troutstroker's plans and made a tiny snuff spoon (small enough to fit in the opening of a 10 gram Poschl's box) out of a copper wire. It works but Trout's is much prettier.
  • I've taken a regular nail and hammered the blunt end to make it flat. It works very nicely and requires no skill, and is dirt cheap to make.
  • NachmanNachman Member
    edited November 2009 PM
    @ donjorge: You are describing a home made pipe nail. I just pay the 89 cents at my local tobacco store and buy a pipe nail and use it for a snuff spoon.
  • I've realized that but I've never actually decided to buy a legit pipe nail for that purpose. I tend to just use my finger for tamping and if the shank needs some poking a wooden match works fine. I do have one of the cool vintage style reamers though. I've used alot of things as a snuff spoon before, even my keys. Any of you guys ever grown a snuff nail(as opposed to a coke nail)? It find it works well to use the back of your pinky nail as a snuff spoon.
  • heheh "snuff nail"
    i use a big red straw from Sonic. holding the straw horizontally, i cut off about an inch worth of the top half of the straw. leaving a 1/2 of the cylinder intact. looks pretty shady, but works liek a charm. took a woping 1 minute to construct with my trusty pocket knife.
  • Now being from Sonic; that's just awesome. I can picture the commercial now:

    "Toque Coke and Lime Toast Blast. Sonic's got it, others don't."
  • @wolfwood thats what you would call a "Survivor Snuff Spoon" I bet it works good. I will try it next time i go to sonic!
  • What is even shadier is when you use a shortened straw to snort up some snuff. It is fun doing that in public. Doesn't work great with dry snuffs, but really moist and mentholated stuff works like a charm that way.
  • Dammnit, now I want a Limeade!
  • I tend to use either a key that lying around the house, or a pocket knife i was able to sand down to be dull. Both work perfect!
  • A while back I bought a lot of 25 pipe nails on ebay for 5.00 hows that for a cheap snuff spoon.

  • FischTixFischTix Member
    edited February 2011 PM
    I stole an idea from...i believe it was n9inch and use a czech pipe tool for a multipurpose snuff awesomely!!!
  • Recently bent a paperclip into a pseudo-snuff-scoop and wrapped a piece of hemp twine around the handle for kicks. Works great for piling snuff into a snuff box.
  • I recently made this out of a really think piece of copper with files, hammers and metal snips
  • I made another spoon, this time out of aluminum. I think it came out pretty good, and works good too..
    photo IMGP0613.jpg
  • @Up_to_snuff

    Nice job on the spoons !!!!
  • Not sure if this counts, but, for awhile I was using the plastic cap that covers the end of a disposable e-cigarette. While certainly lacking in ingenuity and craftsmanship, it was functional and worked out excellently for a while.
  • Jewelers screwdrivers
  • I too was planning to make my own. I often carve hawaiian hooks using cow bone i procure from pet store and carve down using dremal tool.
  • Here's my spoon it's made from mesquite using a dremel for the shaping. still need to bees wax it. it's my little jack-ass and it stands.
  • I use an old mustard spoon, seems to do the trick.
  • I always have my pipe tool [German made] on me when out and about.looks simular to this one except the end of the blade is square and the poker is ergonomically designed for maximum use. At home I use the stainless steel snuff spoon I got at Mr Snuff. DYI are awesome and satisfying for the energetic crowd and the artisan at heart.
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