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macalpemacalpe Member
edited June 2007 in Types of Snuff
Dear snuff fellows :

I just received 3 days ago some snuffs from Cigars&Connoisseurs ( ).Excellent!!!!..and a cheap and good delivery service (3.50 Pounds, and I received the parcel 3 days later than I bought ).

I bought : Irish High Toast, Light Toast , Dr Johnson's , Finisterre, Jockey Club, Regency, 29 Special, Gold Label and Princes.

All of them are from Frederick Tranter. (I think are the same types than J&H Wilsons).

I think these snuffs are the old and vintage type. A fine grinding texture, full flavour, fully fresh, dry or medium moist.

They have a long and complete offer at their online shop.

And now I recomend to you try and put your comments here for our discussion pleasure.

I just tried a big pinch of Regency, Plain Flavouring, dark brown, medium moist....a bit strong, but soft to the nose...smell remains for a long...excellent!!!
And what do you say about "Doctor Johnson" ?
If you like snuff with some soft floral flavouring...try "Finisterre"...(Geranium...but better than F&T Morocco)
And they have a Dry High Toast called Irish High Toast that is very similar than F&T same HDT.
Well I will continue in a new topic...and wait for your comments.

Pedro Macías


  • AlexAlex Member
    I did not try Tranter's snuffs yet, but some Wilsons. I can only agree that some of the flavours are really nice and have a great variety. Thanks for letting us know. I might think about adding some Tranters to my shopping list.
  • ThothThoth Member
    Hi there

    I just found this site and am a complete newbie here, but have been significantly snuffing for over 20 years, not that it's easy to acquire in Australia.
    I ordered a a dozen mixed tins of Frederick Tranter as a Christmas present to myself last year, I'd never heard of them before and thought it'd be worth a try.
    I'm seriously impressed with Regency, in fact it's been my chief flavour for the last few months- I also am developing a fondness for Finisterre and Citrus.
    Of the rest, they are all a bit 'fluffy' for my taste. remind me of Wilson's Vanilla ... lacking in personality.
    One problem was that two of the tins I ordered, Beau Nashe and Brunswick were spoiled on arrival, the tins were all rusted and the snuff useless- either they wereold stock, or they got wet in transit.
    Love the site ... keep snuffin'
  • Hi Toth, I agree with you about great. try when you can, from Tranter, Irish Dry Toast( High and Light, try both of them). You can find this types at the DRY section of snuffs. I think they are the vintage snuff, i want to tell is a pure snuff in the former manner to make it. (excuse my English, I am a Spaniard).


    Pedro Macias
  • AlexAlex Member
    Welcome aboard Toth. Glad you found your way here!
  • I've been waiting for a month for my order of Frederick Tranters and after repeated emails still haven't received it, hope they are worth the wait if they ever show up.
  • Hi Walrus, my experience was very different, they shipped to me on June, 21, and I received the parcel on June, 25.(From UK to Spain, and using standard shipping- 3.50 Pounds).

  • I'm in the u.k, I've given up waiting. I don't know if it's anything to do with the postal strikes, but I ordered on the 12th June, it's definately pushing it a bit.
  • Lol @ Roderick I may as well be in Australia I would have got it by now! :-) I'm only 150 miles from where they are based, I could have walked there and back quicker lol
  • Walrus,
    Frederick Tranters are a very well respected tobacco firm. I am sure if you called them they would resend and compensate you for your inconvenience. At Toque we pride ourselves in our customer service and have a reputation for going out of our way to make sure customers are satisfied. I think it’s the nature of the business ‘old school courteousness’ goes with the territory.
  • Yay! Result! After another email they have decided to send my order from Bath rather than Suffolk. Hope they have been worth the wait. Agreed Roderick, curteousness does go a long way and after repeatedly ignored emails I've finally received some. Maybe I'm a one off, but it hasn't been a good experience so far. I'm going to order some Toque, it sounds interesting.
  • My order arrived this morning safe and sound. I ordered the Citrus and Country Doctor snuffs. The Citrus is very delicate, but very refreshing flavour, the Country Doctor has a very strong liqourice/aniseed menthol flavour, very pleasent. After much complaining I can quite happily say they have been well worth the wait.
  • AlexAlex Member
    edited July 2007 PM
    Citrus sounds great, especially for the summer time.
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