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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Worst snuff you've had?

tom502tom502 Member
edited April 2009 in General
I know alot of us buy alot of snuff. Of course some we find better than others, to our personal tastes. But has there been any snuffs that you just thought was downright terrible? One that you felt was so bad that you vowed to never use it again, wanting to give it away, or throw it out?

Today I realized I have one. All my snuffs are either good, real good, or OK. But I got one yesterday, that is really bad, at least to me. The initial flavor may not seem bad, but it turns into a very bad aftertaste, that even after snuffing many others afterward, and drinking even, it is still with me. I am speaking of:

QWS Jasmine

If anyone wants this, wants to trade for it, wants a sample of it, whisper me. I will never use this again, and I'm glad I only paid $1.99.

Another one that's on the fence as I write this is Dholakia Sparrow Cool.


  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    I didn't like sparrow cool when I first got it, now it's one of my favorites! Give it some time!
  • I will. It's so super dry, and barely any menthol.

    But the Jasmine. Anyone else have this, is the bad aftertaste just in my tub?

    Now I do like the QWS Smokers Blend, and Irish Coffee.

    I am unsure of the Sandalwood. And I haven't tried the Ice Cool, is it the same as the Rockit Ice Cool, which is OK.
  • Sparrow cool is one I like, which is odd for me as don't like menthol.

    The worst snuff I have ever had - cheap, nasty, smelling of cow dung - is Taxi.
  • I agree with you there snuffster. Either Taxi Red or Menthol would take the title of worst snuff for me. Although the Taxi Rock is actually pretty good.
  • apap Member
    I ordered a tin of Taxi blue and Taxi spearmint but didnt arrived yet so i cant tell about it .but the worst snuff i have ever had was Poschl Chief Bull
  • tom502 - No thanks on the Jasmine myself, and with the Sparrow Cool, you only notice it when you go a couple of days without any other menthols. It's in there.

    I would've also given away Gletscher Prise, but used it in a mix instead.

    Nicotine Rush really did me a service offering the sweet sample packs... some were like sugar on shredded paper.
  • I have had the same feelings about the W.O.S. Jasmine but not with the same resolve. I put it in a beautiful Chinese inside painted snuff bottle. I have a spoonful every now and again in place of F&T's Seville when that mood strikes. The geranium in Princes made me sick the fist time I had it in my nose. Now it is one of my favorite scents. I don't think I would throw ANY snuff out but then I have in fact found myself snuffing spills off the floor.
  • Not sure which is the absolute worst. But I don't like: Magnet Peach, Gawith Apricot, Rockit Cherry Pop, Dean Swift Jasmine. I'm on the fence about QWS Sandalwood too. Basically anything that tastes artificially flavored. Still I haven't thrown these out. I will try again, and again.
    There are probably a good 50 in my collection I'd never get again, though they are not neccesarily bad.
  • tom502, I think the QWS Jasmine is one of the best floral snuffs out there. Its nearly identical to the real thing.

    For me, I would have to say GH Jockey Club. Its like I got hit by every perfume sniper at the mall and every blast went right into the mouth & up the nose. Horrible chemical old lady perfume fresh hair perm smell. And it won't leave the nose with blowing, you have to rinse & repeat many times.
  • This is a good idea for a thread, i've had one or two snuffs that i've used a few times then thrown out because I couldn't get on with them:

    - All menthol snuffs with the exception of Toque Menthol (they're nice but they make my nose run like a tap except Toques one)
    - Toque Espresso (I normally love coffee flavoured snuffs but this one failed to impress)
    - Wilsons Apricot (too sweet)
    - Dholakia (Don't like any of them)
    - Fribourg & Treyer 'Seville' (I didn't throw it out but I traded it for another of the F&T range, I just couldn't get on with it)

    As someone else has said here I have had snuff in the past which I used to 'hate' not because of the flavour but because I couldn't have a pinch without sneezing but now my technique has improved they are some of my firm favourites, two of such are:

    - F&T 'High Dry Toast' and McChrystals 'Mild Lemon'
  • Well, tastes can change very rapidly sometimes and you just start liking something you used to hate, its happened to me many times....doubt that I'll ever get over my loathing of Taxi though.
  • QWS makes the best Jasmine? I've been doing the Jasmines lately. Seeking the best one as a keeper. Wilson's-good. Dean Swift-bad. Gawith Hoggarth-on order. QWS you say. hmmmmm... I must investigate....
  • This one is easy for me it has to be WOS Royal George, hidiously sweet talcum powder smell. Horrible.

  • The Sparrow Cool isn't "bad" it's just dryer than the driest HDT or scotch I have ever seen.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Lotzbeck Perle. Hideous. Wilson's French Carotte is another that I can't stomach.
  • sandy130674sandy130674 Member
    edited April 2009 PM
    Easy one for me, Toque Pomegranate. This is the only snuff I've tried that makes me feel queasy. Poschl Gawith Apricot has a similar, but much milder effect on me. I now avoid sweet fruit snuffs.
  • I personally like the Toque Pomegranate more than the Grapefruit. Certain bitter, acidic fruits don't seem to make a good snuff, my personal taste of course.
  • I have yet to find a snuff which I really don't like at all.
  • bobbob Member
    packards would need a gun to my head to snuff it. Though there is one worse. Fish scent snuff now that sucked. I left a tin open up at work (I worked at a semi-fancy restaruant that served a lot of fish.) and it absorbed the scent. Horrid horrid. It was a natural snuff that wasn't too bad at all actualy.
  • I personally do not like Wilsons Crumbs of Comfort at all.
  • I mentioned i mixed the Gletscher Prise for not really being impressed, but I play with the notion that there are "Clean" snuffs and "Dirty" snuffs. Like Ozona President is clean and Gletscher Prise is dirty. Or the trick with the Ozona fruits is chase it with Red Seal. Am I off the farm on this one?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I would consider Gletscher Prise a "clean" snuff. It's pure menthol and columbia oil, and has a clean taste. That's just my .02 though.
  • I love Gletscher Prise.
  • Gletscher's good and clean and fresh, tra la la !! One of my firm favourites. I like President as well but it makes my nose run like a tap.
  • Not overfond of Gletscher Prise, but the worst snuff hands down for me is Gawith Hoggarth Strawberry. Horrible Shake 'N' Vac scent. Yuck.
  • Lotzbeck's Perle and Premium mild both are like snuffing something dead to me. G&H Jockey Club has so much burn and the scent is fake I can't stand it. I would not even consider the Wilsons for a long time because of it. I am glad ya'll talked me into trying it. I now use the Wilsons on a regular basis now.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I can tolerate the Premium Mild, but the Perle is like sniffing stale saw dust.
  • Z_2KZ_2K Member
    Of the 15 I've tried in my relatively limited snuffing 'career', I have to say that the Dholakia Apple Pie is my LEAST favorite. Since I got it as a sample in early March, I've probably tried it 4 times and each time put it away for a week or longer....easily forgotten. To my nose it's just too spicy, and primarily cloves. If it were ham and cloves with a little pineapple added, I might like it more.
  • The Dholakia Sandalwood is on the fence. But I don't "hate" it.
  • Either Wilson's Gold label or Dholakia Wine and cheese. Both of which were extremely disapointing as i was looking forward to them.
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