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Toast verses Scotch

JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
edited January 2009 in Types of Snuff
I would like to comment on the differences between toasts and scotches. Toasts having the scent of toasted tobacco and Scotches having a smoke scent to them. Also worth speculation is the certain edible quality of the American Scotches. Sweet or dry it seems all were made with a PH for taste buds as opposed to the "English" toasts wich are geared towards scent. Another assumption I make is that the toasts although "English" are a finer grind due to the tobacco being so dry (toasted) when ground. The scotches seem to be pulverized and having a heavier gravity. My point being that they are not the same animal and are difficult to compare in many respects. Begging the question. which came first, the Scotch or the Irish?


  • Agreed on all points, except for the grind. I would say the Scotches are at least as fine a grind if not finer, for the sake of advocacy at least. A few of the Scotches, Rooster and Levi to name a....two, are practically weaponized!
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  • Great thing about both toasts and scotches, at least for me, is that they seem to keep my nose clear after the initial blow for clear breathing all day. I never had this clear of breathing before I started snuffing.
  • Generally agreed but I do find Scotch more penetrating than toast so would agree they may be finer.

    I think you have long since graduated as a snuffologist.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    I have edited my posts here in order to create a more discussable subject.
  • Would anybody like to reword their comments or comment further as the experience of time must have illuminated more light on the subject by now?
  • Gotta say I love em both. Both hit pretty strong, excellent flavor. The only thing I don't like about the scotches (for me anyway) are that they cause a drip, otherwise I got nothing bad to say about em'. My first snuff was a scotch. I kept hearing good things about toasts, so I picked up some F&THDT, and it was all over. I use the HDT daily.
  • I think I enjoy toasts more than scotches...although once I start on the Rooster I stick with it longer than I do say HDT. I just find toasts to be a bit more satisfying and scotches to be a bit more like an ICBM to the nose.
  • Levi Garrett clears all arguments. tis a mix see.
  • Funny this topic should come up today. Recently I have been really enjoying Wilsons #22 and have decided to get the tub version of this. Also I've decided to slow down my exploration phase and start amassing large quantities of scotch. Nothing satisfies like these two types of snuff.

    I have my trusty dual compartment box and guess whats in there? F&T HDT and Red Seal. I have a lot of other snuff but I only carry scotch and now toast for reliable satisfaction. But I've only been snuffing a few months and I've learned that my nose changes every week. In general I use scotch, one sweet and one plain all day and a scented snuff at night. I can't really handle the delicious scents all day. I keep Wilsons #22 on my desk so when I sit there I toot on it.

    Its true they are two different snuffs. Not siblings. Perhaps cousins. Just good tobacco not too many frills. Now if I could only find a Tri-Compartment box. Scotch Plain and Sweet, and a Toast.
  • XanderXander Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    Not long ago, one of our members acquired a gullet of Lorillard High Toast on ebay. For those that don't know, its an extinct American snuff, discontinued in the not too distant past.
    What I would like to know, is it a true toast or just another American scotch with a fancy sounding name?
  • Sorry to post so late but I didn't see the thread till today. I'm curious to know how some would classify the Indian fine dry snuffs (e.g. Dholakia Sparrow). Would they be considered an offshoot of a toast or in a completely different category? It seems that grind alone is not sufficient to classify a snuff based on the similarities yet differences between scotches and toasts.

    I'd like to hear more about the extinct Lorillard as well.
  • Might I piggy-back with a related question Spyro

    What would be the prime difference in manf. techniques betwixt the two, Toast / Scotch
  • Difference in manufacturing techniques: as far as I can tell the main difference is the wood used for the smoke. Toast smells like oak smoke to me and scotches smell like hickory smoke. Also there is a stronger smoke flavour to most scotches. I like both and lately toasts and scotches are 95% of what I use. The rest are living in the refrigerator for now.
  • It seems the difference IS the manufacturing technique. It is my understanding that a toast is heated to specification after it is already ground. The scotches I would just be guessing but they may be smoked, or smoke flavored. The Sparrow Green, in a class of it's own I'd say, seems like a pulverized, well handled tobacco with no treatment. Plain, very plain. Maybe the most plain. The Lorillard, which I know nothing of, does beg the question. Why not toast your scotch snuffs. I'd better get on that. I have a ton of old Bruton just begging for it.
  • havnt tried a scotch yet but just had a bit of WOS irish toast no 22, it blows yer head off hahaa
  • LincolnSnuffLincolnSnuff Member
    edited January 2010 PM
    About 6 months into my snuffing career, I find I am gravitating toward the toasts as my all day/primary snuffs. Before discovering the toasts, I still found myself buying a pack of cigarettes occasionally. Now, I get all of the nicotine I need from a couple quick pinches of a toast. In fact, it's time to take some Toque Lime Toast now. This should be an amazing pinch considering I haven't taken any snuff yet today and I've been awake for a few hours with two cups of coffee in me...

    Wow... All I can say. The tobacco flavor of all the toasts I've tried is amazing. This one has that slight lime bite to it that adds an additional dimension that the plain toasts lack. Great nic hit and very satisfying.

    I am puzzled why I prefer toasts over scotches when nicotine is my primary motivation for snuffing. It seems that all of the scotches I have sampled have a bigger nicotine hit. I need to spend some quality time with the scotches this week to see if I can develop a better relationship. Lately, I have been taking the occasional dip of Railroad Mills Sweet Scotch in the evening with a glass of wine and a nose full of toast. I find I hate the throat drip of the RR Mills Sweet - absolutely horrible - but love the taste when it is in my lip.

    My favorite toasts in order:

    WoS Irish High Toast #22
    Toque Lime Toast
    Toque Whisky & Honey
    F&T High Dry Toast
    Toque Toast & Marmalade
  • My entry into snuff has been the opposite with respect to Scotch vs Toast Lincoln. The few toasts I've tried do nothing for me with respect to nicotine or enjoyment. The exception being WoS IHT #22. That one will wake me up!

    I have sampled quite a few of the scotch snuffs and really like the heavy smoke and sweetness they have to offer.
    My favorites:
    Conwood, W.E. Garrett Plain
    Conwood, W.E. Garrett Sweet
    Swisher, Honey Bee
    US Smokeless, Rooster

    For an all day snuff, fine and dry works best for me as well. Honey Bee is the one that generally leaves the house with me.
    All the other snuffs remain home-bodies for now.
  • just had some more irish toast 22, it sends you somewhere else hahahahaa. its wierd when your more used to a fruitier flavour snuff and then you have something like this, its a killer "i tell yer".
  • @Lincolnsnuff: Try some scotches that are not sweet. Navy Plain or W E Garrett. The Navy plain is much like a toast with a little different flavour.
  • I just mixed some #22 with Levi Garrett. Pretty good. Although next time I'll use a little less scotch. It overpowers the toast at 1:1. I did this because I found that I could take copious amounts of #22 but I wanted a little hickory nic kick too. I think it works out pretty well. A couple of blows and it out and not a single sneeze.

    BTW. Some folks suggested, on this forum, that Levi Garrett was better than W.E. I think I agree for now. It seems that W.E. makes me sneeze and run too much, but Levi is more smooth.
  • @wildhorsesmane
    It has been confirmed many times over that W.E. Garrett and Levi Garrett are one and the same. However, I did buy a Levi Garrett container that is *not* Garrett snuff. It is Honest, a snuff I know very well. I can easily tell the difference between Garrett and Honest, and this one is definitely Honest. I don't know if this was a fluke mix-up or if this is a common occurrence at the Conwood mill, but I wonder if those claiming that the Levi is different from the Garrett are unknowingly snuffing Honest.

    If you are not familiar with Honest (my favorite scotch), it is similar to Garrett, but it is ... smoother.
  • I've spent a lot of time around campfires in the Rocky Mountains, and the Dry American Scotch's I've had remind me of that. For some reason, the Toasts I've had seem to have a "smoked meat" component to them, maybe bacon, especially the incredible Wilson's #22. I'm afraid my nose isn't sensitive enough to enable me to reliably identify the type of wood from which the smoke comes from. No one above mentioned the Wilson's Irish D High Toast #20 which seems to have a bit of smoked fruit to it as well.
  • #20 is a toasted SP, so its likely bergamot you're getting there. I'm hoping #21 becomes easier to get, I think only carries it presently. I really want to try that one.
  • Toast is Oak and Scotches are Hickory.
  • which type is Toque's Cheese & Bacon?
    What which type is it that smells like "lit potbellied wood stove" (because that's the thing I love)
  • Bruton Toast. I toasted it myself. It has no burn now but it's scent is not so as desirable as any retailed toast . It is also very drying for the nose with no run at all. However this is right out of the crock so some sitting time is needed for it's final judgement. I expect it will regain it's lost moisture and smooth out in flavor. For toast lovers; the verdict is still pending. The Bruton I used was old and crappy so my expectations are very low. Also I personally am NOT a big fan of toasts. I am doing this to open some doors for you ladies. Imagine the potential if this proves to be successful.
  • Bruton Toast = Fail... I'll leave the toasting to the pros. Only if this was a home grown, home ground would it pass as acceptable. There are scents in it that are not bad, but it does not qualify for toast.
  • I used toast for years without ever having tried Scotch. When I tried my first scotch, I went mad, and bought a LOT of different brands. I absolutely love the american scotches, and my fav these days is Tube Rose and Buttercup. I can't believe that I actually lived three years in the US without even trying american snuff!?!? But I'm trying my best to make up for it now, being insanely in love with an american girl, and with american snuff :o))
  • I like bit of toast once in a while, but I prefer the scotches. In fact, the scotch snuffs are my main go-to these days, for some reason.
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