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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


Anyone from morocco here


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 8 PM

    Hi @Abdoulaye! If you are in Morocco, you probably can source strong tobacco leaves (rustica tobacco, the one used for oral tobacco - chema) in the market or from some other place, like this guy in the video, and make your own nefha. Obtaining clean proper wood ash would be even easier, I assume.

    As far as I remember, we don't have active Moroccan members in this forum now, but you might want to take a glance at a couple of older threads, related to Morocco:

    Making nasal tobacco is very simple, you just need strong tobacco, alkalizer (sodium carbonate or potassium carbonate are most often used by European and American snuff makers; clean wood ash and slaked lime can be used for the same purpose), a splash of water, scale with at least 0.1 g weighing precision, mortar and pestle (or electrical coffee grinder), a bowl and a spoon for mixing and a sieve. Some snuff recipes also call for salt (sea salt, or any cooking salt) and ammonium salt (usually ammonium chloride (naushadar) or ammonium carbonate). For German style snuff you would also need a pharmacy grade mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum, aka vaseline oil, available in most drug stores, at least in Europe). For mentholated snuff - menthol crystals and pure essential oils of mint and/or eucalyptus (menthol and essential oils can be added to snuff, dissolved in paraffinum liquidum).

    All you need to know about snuff making can be found on Snuffmaking 101 discussion thread.

  • Thanks bro , well if you need to translate what that man say im here,, really thanks that's really helpful ,
  • AbdoulayeAbdoulaye Member
    edited August 8 PM
    He was warning people that they should make there own
  • And for the tree ash he said it really should be Pistacia tree
  • Or Ziziphus spina roots
  • AbdoulayeAbdoulaye Member
    edited August 8 PM
    And one single question can you make it without ash's, like just aodium carbonate cause that's the only thing available for me here is is it gonna be fine just tobacco and S.C , thanks
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 8 PM
    Yes, start with 4% sodium carbonate, dissolved in 15% water. That is, 0.4 g sodium carbonate dissolved in 1.5 g water for 8.1 g tobacco flour. Stir very well for at least 5 minutes, place in a small airtight container and leave to rest for 3-4 days. If you have patience, for a week.

    If it turns out too weak for your liking, add 5% carbonate next time. Make small 10 g batches at first to check if it's ok for you. If you enjoy it, make larger amount.

    Talking about the recipe in that video, is it 4 parts tobacco and 1 part ash by volume? And just a little bit of water?
    Thank you for your help with the translation!
  • Actual he was talking about spraying with water in that foal the more you rub the more you spray water like slowly , well that's totally traditional and maybe it woth a try, for me i just use coffee mixer
  • Hello @Abdoulaye   ,  A warm welcome from India !

    Please tell us something about the snuff & smokeless tobacco culture in Morocco 
  • Hello @sixphoto, i think all i know about it is that my grandfather and my father use it, well its quiet old they use it always in there hand and sniff it , snufftaking here are verry old i could remamber the smell off snuff my grand father was using really amazing
  • Sorry the picture qon't upload to show you the box they always use intill now
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