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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Railroad Mills Sweet formula change

towhee89towhee89 Member
edited August 1 in General
I've been rebuilding my American scotch collection the past week and got a fresh tin of this at a local Food Lion and was surprised to see the domestic/foreign % was now 73/27. The tin I had but sold was 82/18. The price has increased too :D Obviously a cost cut but it at least means Swisher is still producing and tinkering with these snuffs (maybe not for the better - also no number/letter codes on the bottom, either). The smell seems to be more faint than I remember, but I'd have to get another older can to compare. I do remember a Honey Bee I had with the Flav-o-gard label (2009 or before) being better than the newer ones. Some of the Food Lions here still carry pre-2009 cans of a lot of stuff, so I'll probably track one down again. I'm not sure when this was was produced but I'd think during this year. This is a good sign at least from the standpoint that Swisher is going to continue to produce these. Anyone have a tin on hand to compare?

edit: So after using a bit more this seems to be a totally inferior product to the prior formula, hardly any flavor. Not good. I don't think it's my imagination. Bummer!
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