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Snuff side effects

AbdoulayeAbdoulaye Member
edited July 30 in General
Hello guys im trying to keep snuff inside my nose the problem is that i get a runny nose and a strong headache, have someone experienced that also or it just me


  • What type of snuff are you using and do you use nicotine regularly?
  • horus92horus92 Member
    Some people can snuff without runny nose. Others have really runny, messy noses after even a small amount of snuff. I'm in the latter camp, and this prevents me from using snuff in public, or even around people I don't know well.

    I've also had side effects from excessive nicotine with the white snuffs - sweating, heart palpitations, jitters, etc. But this is almost exclusively from big pinches of white snuff.

    The headache might be caused by the scent of the snuff. Many snuffs are (imo) like old lady perfume, really.
  • Thank you guys apreciate that, sense that this country don't sell snuff and im for sure i will have a problem with buying it online, i do my best to make it by my own , actually i use cigars and it is working but that runny nose won't go away , i found that the best way to quit smoking is by using snuff !
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