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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Canada Customs Charging $260 for a $70 order!!??

Like the title says, one of my orders which cost me 70 bucks from Mr. Snuff just got flagged for $260 dollars in customs. Is it just me or does that sound criminally high? I’m considering sending it back and just reordering the order with the hopes that it makes it through. It would be way cheaper that’s way. Anyone else had something like this happen?


  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    @Smokey_Cloudjumper it sucks when this happens. Just refuse it and with luck we'll get it back to the warehouse. In that case just pay for the reship.

    With luck we'll have a solution. We are attempting to do a similar thing with Canada as we have for the USA. We pre-clear all orders and then use local mail service.

    Currently we have a test order sitting with a broker in Alberta. If it clears and taxes are reasonable then we will slowly but surely start to ship all orders via the broker. This will greatly increase the chances of delivery and guarantee none of these ridiculous charges.

    Also delivery times should decrease just as in USA. Given that we still deal with Canadapost there are no guarantees at this point. However I am hopeful that customs delays will not be an issue.

    This has taken many months to set up with a boatload of paperwork. Frankly you'll see a grown man cry if it doesn't work, but I am cautiously optimistic.

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