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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Toque USA W&H v. SWS Lundy Foot v. SWS St James Parish Blend

I think I've come to a point where I can appreciate a toast.  The one that I have at the moment is High Dry Toast.  Where HDT at first seemed pleasant but monotone, I now find it complex with many nuances, including a delightful blast of tarry cigar ash from time to time.  

One of my reasons for returning to nasal snuff was boredom with snus.   I was under the impression that all toasts are high in nicotine but @volunge disabused me of that notion.  

I'd like to find a toast with more nicotine than HDT and was thinking of USA W&H but reading some reviews over the last couple of days I'm wondering if the subtleties that I value in HDT are lost to the whiskey and honey.  If that is the case would Lundy Foot or St James Parish Blend be the better choice for a higher nicotine toast that offers the the complexity and nuances of HDT?
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