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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Opinions on Peppermint Snuffs

highdrytoasthighdrytoast Member
edited April 22 in Types of Snuff
As far as I can tell the following are the currently available snuffs flavored with peppermint.  I'd appreciate hearing members thoughts on them.

Bernard Steife Prise
McChrystal Glacier
Otto Glacier
Paul Gotard Peppermint
Samuel Gawith Afterglow
Samuel Gawith Dr Verey's Plus
Samuel Gawoth Mastiff
Toque Peppermint


  • PennanngalanPennanngalan Member
    edited April 22 PM
    Personally, I prefer the ones with less peppermint or maybe with something other than just peppermint.  If the snuff smells like a candy cane, I just can't appreciate it.

    Admittedly, I have only tried the last three on your list, as well as some I produced myself.

    So far, Mastiff is on top.

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 22 PM
    I haven't tried any from those mentioned above, but I can add another one to your list -

    Poschl Gletscherprise Gold. Forgot to mention in Ghost's Poschl thread earlier that the top note of this snuff is peppermint. I'm not too fond of the aroma of this particular mint on its own (for I find it's smell unpleasantly musty (akin to the odour of mould) and dull; same goes for some lavender cultivars, which on their own smell too soapy and also musty, like the one used for scenting Toque's Lavender snuff), but properly blended with other aromatic components it can be set to another dimension and utmost enjoyable, like in this case.
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