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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What menthol snuff from WoS is most like Hedges?

Is there a snuff from WoS that is a decent copy of Hedges?


  • @highdrytoast - There's only one Hedges... It is 'The Snuff' after all!!! :))

    You could try Dr Rumney's Blue, that has a citrusy/SP type vibe similar to Hedges ;-) 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 12 PM
    I haven't tried this couple, but judging by the reviews, it might be worth trying S.M.500 and S.M. (

    Hedges L260, if still made following the old formula, contains 4.5% menthol and 4.5% eucalyptus essential oil. Currently made Hedges is rather alkaline (pH about 10). So, you can easily make very similar snuff, adding said amounts of M and E (dissolved in a splash of high purity food grade ethanol) to plain and fine snuffs like Toque Quit, WoS Plain or - if you want it extra strong (even punchier than Hedges) - Six Photo Cheeta Chhap GUL. If you prefer finer or coarser base, use HDT, Irish No.22 or any plain rappee (like Brunswick Black), dark scotch (like Silky Dark) or South African gwayi (NTSU Black, Taxi Red). To make 10 g Hedges-cool snuff, dissolve 0.45 g menthol and 0.45 g eucalyptus essential oil in 1-2 ml of 95% food grade ethanol and mix very well with 9.1 g snuff of your choice. Before using, do air out the ethanol: spread the snuff in thin layer on a plate and leave for 20-30 minutes.
  • @volunge - SM 500 is a good shout actually, that one had slipped my mind 

  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited April 12 PM
    I don't recall any of the WoS except maybe the Rumney line as @MisterPaul mentioned being up to par with the medication of H260. I like SM500 but it's no H260.

    J&H Wilson's Med No.99 might satisfy, if flexible on the maker.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    It's darker and medium-coarse but maybe Viking Stormbreaker could whet a H260 fan's whistle. I believe WoS is at least packaging the Viking products. Not promising it's quite up to Hedges level of medication but most of the way there. Similar scenting/experience for me and staying power.
  • I’m expecting a tin of SM500 in the mail soon. It’s been a good substitute for Hedges over the years for me. Since my local smoke shop sells O and G, I’ve been liking it a lot too. I’m even getting along the English type medicated from Janta, though it’s pretty one dimensional.
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