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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Nicotine Content of English Toast and Toast-adjacent Snuffs

By 'toast-adjacent' I'm referring to snuffs that I've seen described as toasts though they are not labelled as such and snuffs described as dry and fine.

I'm interested in members' thoughts on a ranking of these snuffs in terms of their nicotine content.


High Dry Toast

Anson's Imperial
Field of Junipers
Golden Horn
Havana Toast
Latakia Blend
Lundy Foot
St James Parish Blend
The Navigator

Almond Toast
Artisan Snuff JP
Cheese & Bacon
Lime Toast
Natural Toast
Toast & Marmalade
USA Whiskey & Honey

Irish No. 22


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 9 PM
    I haven't tried AI, FoJ, GH, Navigator, AT, JP, Bourbon, C&B, LT, T&M, but I heard that Toque JP matches the USA Whiskey & Honey in terms of potency.

    Being familiar with other snuffs from this list, I would rank them as follows:

    Top 3 strongest (in no particular order)
    St James Parish Blend
    USA Whiskey & Honey
    Lundy Foot

    Bottom 2 least potent (in no particular order)
    Latakia Blend
    Havana Toast

    The rest fall under medium.

    P. S. The discontinued SG Irish D-Light / Irish D, GH Irish D, WoS Irish No.21 were medium.
  • @volunge Would adding Toque's rustica to, say, Natural Toast drastically change the flavor and scent?

  • volungevolunge Member
    Not drastically, but you would notice the change in flavour. If you like the smell of USA Whiskey & Honey, it's safe to go. Part of USA W&H flavour comes from rustica flour.

    Always try with small amounts first. For instance, mix a pinch of rustica with two pinches TNT and see if it serves the purpose.
  • @volunge I saw an older post about the need to alkalize the rustica.  Does the rustica that Toque currently sell need to be alkalized?  If so is there a primer somewhere on how to do that? 
  • @volunge One more question:  Do you have an idea of the percentage of rustica Toque put in USA Whiskey & Honey?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 9 PM
    @highdrytoast I cannot speak about the current rustica stock, but up until relatively recently Toque sold their rustica flour not treated with any alkalizers (as per Roderick himself: The sample of very finely milled rustica flour I had 3 years ago was clearly pure, judging by a taste and low nicotine delivery. At times it was even available coarsely ground, once - crumbled (and suitable for smoking, just like Russian mahorka krupka):

    Photo by @ar47 (harvested from

    Now it comes only as fine powder, milled by supplier.

    Back in the day Roderick's advise on alkalizing his rustica was as follows:


    However, a month ago Roderick has told that his rustica "is partially alkalised for mixing" and recommended to proceed with 2% sodium carbonate (then dialing up to 3%, if desired). ;

    The percentage of rustica in USA W&H is unknown to me. If you have Toque's rustica flour and USA W&H snuff, you can try figuring an approximate part of rustica in the blend by a colour, comparing them side-by-side. pH of USA W&H is about 8.5, it corresponds to 2%-4% sodium carbonate.
  • @volunge Thank you for taking the time to provide that information.  I do appreciate it.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @volunge I was staring at that photo and puzzled why it looked so familiar. Then saw the reference. Thank you!
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited April 16 PM
    I think the Toques are on the lower side of the strength spectrum (still nice), W&H and the new JP one I haven't tried excluded. I love Toque Lime and the clementine on toast & marmalade is superb.

    F&T, I get a sharp little burn but starts fading right away

    WoS Irish is such a different product in appearance than I normally see in their tins that it can make me laugh on opening it up. Similar to F&T that it's perhaps a quick ramp up then down, but is easy and enjoyable to take for me. Toasty indeed, like marshmallows are toasting in my nose. This causes me to take more than F&T so that may be why I think No22 lasts longer . Makes me want to reopen the tin for more and more like with Toque Lime Toast.

    Of SWS, there is batch variation as these are products of the land etc. In my experience Golden Horn (which I love for the aroma), field of Junipers, Anson imperial (not sure it belongs here) are fairly low on the nicotine curve. All very nice snuff. The rest of them are all strong. Havana Toast is a special one for me and I recall it being both strong and very enjoyably scented. SWS St Parish of course is the tops for strength.
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