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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Is it possible to get my money back, or get a replacement if the snuff that I bought is very old?

OkkaOkka Member
edited February 20 in General
To give you some background: I was forced by circumstances to order snuff on the website. I got my order and most of the snuffs were fine, but there was someting wrong with the two 20g fribourg & treyers tins. They had little to no scent. I took a look at the dates on their back - they were 4 and 5 years old. 
If there is a chance for me to get a return, how should I contact them? I remember trying to contact them using the "" mail, because I was getting worried about the unusually long delivery time. I didn't get a reply. When looking at their website, it's impossible to find a single working link / proper email adress which I could use to contact them (apart from the email adress that I mentioned earlier).


  • Contact Fribourg & Treyers. Hopefully they will help you get in contact or rather just send you a fresh tin.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 21 PM

    They will send you a replacement. Selling snuff that old is a crime. Shelf life of vac-sealed tins is 2 years, and WoS tins aren't even airtight.
  • That's put me right off using in the future if they are selling old stock like that.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    edited July 2 PM
    Some perspective: dry snuffs will last for decades.

    Case in point: I was gifted a tin if Navy Sweet that was found between the plaster and lathe between two walls that was at least 60 years old. I did a side by side comparison and frankly no difference.

    I suspect some FTs would survive just as well (eg HDT).

    German snuffs typically have paraffin oil mixed in. That prevents drying out. British snuffs traditionally have water added. Hence non oily water based snuffs will likely dry out unless hermetically sealed. That doesn't guarantee loss of flavour though. Simply rehydrate and see if your luck holds.

    Granted that shouldn't be a requirement when you buy snuff. But it's fun :)

    Jamie at is a nice guy. He's been around in our orbit for many years. While he is a competitor I have no beef with him at all. Indeed we sell Jaxons which is a private label snuff that has been through various iterations with various manufacturers.

    Reviews seem pretty decent.

    I reckon if you email him or try to contact him here you'll get a favourable response.

    No offence but knee jerk negative reactions are typically not helpful. I know that we try exceptionally hard to be upright and honest with superlative customer service. But we are not perfect. Mistakes are made, but we ALWAYS try to make good. Some slack every now and then is appreciated. I am sure Jamie will respond positively too.
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