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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Is this a real thing? Or a joke? Vaginal use, really?

OK, so i found this on my daily rambling around the internet. 
It describes, what to me sounds very odd, a unique method of using snuff.


  • Real thing. Don't try it.
  • There are a lot of things that I could say after reading that, but I'll settle for one - WOW!! :-O
  • @volunge Well, i cannot, and Mrs Browsing said if she wont put snuff up her nose, shes not going to consider anywhere else  :))
  • bobbob Member
     people do put it in their lady bits. And it's a really sad thing. It's about dry sex. Which is not healthy on many levels and (sorry can't think of any better term to use here) is about catering to extreme male insecurity. It's mostly to make men feel o.k. who can't handle the fact woman might actually get turned on (you know most likely because then they might be into other men). Seriously that's the long and short of it.
     Oh and this came up here before back when before I said I wonder if my account here is still active. :) 
     Gross sub fact Lysol was originally sold in America for this reason. Also with Lysol as a over the counter contraceptive which doesn't work too great. Because people seem really uncomfortable with the nature of being a person.
  • Just make sure you was your hands before you eat!
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