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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


Credit to @MrPaul for the title.
What are your own experiences in dabbling in the blending of your own snuffs?
A symphony in the sinuses or a waking nightmare in the nostrils?
Any recipes you’d like to share or warn against at all cost?


  • I bought some viking storm breaker but the menthol is way too much. So I mixed it with F+T HDT which dumbed it down quite nicely. And when I want a little change I add some toque lime toast to the mix. 

    Lime toast and thor's hammer goes quite well too. Lime toast pretty much goes with anything.

    Also viking dark and grand cairo.

    One time when I was drunk I thought it would be a good idea to mix all my snuffs together in one giant pot. Wasn't a good idea. Variety is nice.
  • It's something I have tried but never been hugely successful. However I once had a few grams of Tom Buck and Jocks Choice that were past there best which when mixed together made a nice combination.
  • @vmank1q Your whole stash??? Ouch! I’ve got some Lime Toast so I might see what I can mix it with.
    @Huysmans It can be very hit and miss…often more miss than hit but I do find it interesting and fun.
  • Yeah it was all of it I think, it was a few years back. Not a good idea at all!
  • Isn't Crazy George by Toque just combined leftovers? It's the professional Frankensnuff haha
  • PuffnsnuffPuffnsnuff Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    It is indeed only Roderick does it better than I ever could.
  • I mixed together one part Toque Rose and two parts Toque Vanilla, which was nice. Also equal parts Toque Cherry and Vanilla with a base of Viking Blonde, which is also quite delightful.
  • A mix I found to be nice for cooler months is mulled magic and rustica 3:1 it adds a bit more AAAHHHHH
  • McChrystals O & G added to any other McChrystals moistens and knocks down the flavor a bit. I used Glacier and O & G to good effect. Because of the base flower(as Simon puts it) I think many McChrystal mixes can be good.

    I want to experiment -- but I'll start small. Pile it all together in small quantities :)
  • clsmoothieclsmoothie Member
    edited May 31 PM

    I call this one "Campground"

    2 part McChrystals OG
    2 part McChrystals Supermint (Glacier)
    1/2 part McChrystals Smokers Blend
    1 part F&T Santo Domingo
    A dusting of F & T Old Paris

    Little bits I had in the tins. Smells like the outdoors and easy to take.

    This is fun.
  • TapoutTapout Member
    50/50 Cheeta/Toque Lime Toast.
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