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Sir Walter Scott snuffs back in stockSnuv: Herbal Range

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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Toque Snuff is Awesome

Just a shout out to Roderick and Toque, what an awesome website and amazing snuff. 

And now their carrying my beloved Viking! They also have 6 photo in stock too. Thanks guys! 


  • I snuff more Toque than any other brand.  :x
  • They have Bernard snuff on there now too!
  • We need some Viking in bulk though...
  • Toque is one of the brands that I go though the quickest. I need to restock on some favourites next month.
  • Three cheers for Roderick and Toque Snuff !!!  =D> =D>  =D>
  • Absolutely agree. The fact Toque have added some of my other faves to their site is a godsend. I have always had a good stock of Toque to hand but it’s great to throw a few others in the basket especially as I have a 10 quid voucher waiting to be spent.
  • Toque is a fantastic brand of snuff and now the store is expanding to include other popular brands. Great prices and quality. Roderick is a shrewd businessman.
  • They have viking in bulk now! Awesome. Good prices too. 
  • Rosinski snuff newly added on there. Has anyone tried this snuff? Is it any good?
  • NTSU and Taxi on there now. Just keeps getting better and better. Free Shipping over $35. Can't beat it.
  • @vmank1q I have to totally and utterly agree with your sentiments about Toque! They are just superb, I've not had a flavour from them that I didn't like (although yet to try Cheese and Bacon!!). I have a few staples that I always need to buy whenever I order from them, as well as trying a new flavour each time....unfortunately every flavour I try becomes a new staple!
  • 11 days on this order (arrived today) including the weekend. The new Fedex tracking is awesome too. 
  • I asked for viking in bulk and I got it :) 

  • @vmank1q can you please ask for some madras snuffs?

  • Seconded. It would be darn interesting to see T's take on Madras and Neffa types!

    @vmank1q, please say "hello" to Mr Lawrie and ask him to cook some new porridge for us.

    By the way, @tobaccobob, Toque Rappee is already in the pipeline (as announced on Roddy's own snuff forum
  • Oh guys, I was just asking on this website. I don't know Roderick personally lol.

    Although, please....the God's of Toque....get these people, madras snuff! 

    Also Toque Rappee sounds awesome!
  • Toque is also getting together a new website, should be up and.running this weekend!!!
  • The new website is up. It looks really good. Nice layout etc. 
  • I have some concern about points transferring. I'll wait for my most recent order to arrive before I contact them.
  • The ever-helpful Roderick reached out and restored my missing points. I ordered mere hours before the changeover so I suspect my new order dodged the data conversion window. I'm happy we're in good hands with our beloved Toque!
  • Just wondering if anybody else has ordered special order snuffs on toquesnuff. I ordered an O&G tub late Monday. It still says order on hold. I figure it'll take till Friday for them to get and ship it to me. But it's always good to get an idea here. Cheers
  • I asked the same question on the toque forum about the WOS tubs but haven't had an answer yet.

  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    @Gormur @vmank1q Tubs are a special order which Roderick places with the manufacturer on the 25th of every month based on the orders he has received. This is to ensure they are not sitting around any longer than necessary and keep there freshness.
  • @Huysmans Cheers. I guess that means the end of the month/beginning of November for me
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