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Strongest nic of the Poschl 100g Schmalzler bags?

perlereuter, A, D, SF are the four 100g bags offered by Mr Snuff right now and I am interested in picking up one for now. I was wondering of these, which has the biggest kick to it? I would love to buy more Red Bull but the price of these bags is just too good, so I gotta try one. I don't hear much about these in terms of nic, so thanks for any feedback.


  • These are all schmalzler and not very high in nicotine. I think the a and the perlesreuter have the most in it. But you can take huuuuuuuge amounts of it to get your nicotine.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    None of them. They are not for nicotine.

    If you want potent schmalzlers, look at the Bernard or Rosinski side. These manufacturers add a fair amount of alkalis to their schmalzlers.
  • @Hloridison
    Thanks guys.
  • Well, nicotine and Schmalzler is a little tricky.

    They are made for taking mighty big loads of this stuff. Thats why they are sold in such bricks. The Perlesreuter is propably the most potent of the Poschls. In general most Poschls are pretty weak in nicotine.

    I prefer the Bernards though. My fave is the Altbayerischer Schmalzler, though. But more due to its taste. The best nic hit in the Bernards you get with teh Fresko.
  • @Volunge I have a 100gm pack of Perlesreuter on its way to  me! Any suggestions for blending with some other snuff, to add a bit more nicotine to it?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    Spice it up with White Elephant, @bolbam420. Or a strong black snuff, like Samuel Gawith Black Magic or Bernard Gekachelter Virginie. If you don't mind the presence of menthol, cut it with WoS Singleton's Super Cool. The texture of BM, GV and SSC matches that of Perlesreuter.

    You can experiment with slaked lime, that would seriously boost the potency. Add 0.2 g dry slaked lime to 5 g Perlesreuter, mix well, then mix again two more times and leave it for 5-7 days, giving several daily shakes. Mix once more, before taking a pinch.

    Also, won't hurt trying to blend it with 6P Cheeta Chhap Gul and Madras, especially Janta's Dragon Brand.
  • I get plenty of nic from Schmalzlers and I use small amounts like any other snuff. I have a high nic tolerance as I use snus, but have honeslty never noticed that schmalzlers lack nic despite often reading so. I do get more nic from Bernard than Poschl though.
  • I know that Pöschl add extra stem to reduce the nicotine. Because here in Germany it is normal to take HUGE amounts of Schmalzler ;) yes and like zebra said it is very individual how much you feel from nicotine.
  • @volunge : LOL - I did the very same this evening. Mixed up some Perlesreuter with Cheetah. in 70 % and 30%

    It came out a nice, nicotincontaining bomb. The most aroma is still from the Schmalzler while the Indian White delivers the nicotine.
  • I went with the perlesreuter and im very pleased.
  • @SnuffScape I love the Aroma of it. In my opinion the best Poschl Schmalzler
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