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Video Review of Neftóbak (Icelandic Snuff/Snus)

Hello everyone. I was sent some Neftóbak, and seeing as it hadn’t been done before, decided to review it for YouTube. Check it out and tell me what you think!


  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Awesome video!

    This snuff seems so good for all the plain tobacco snuff lovers but the problem is that there isnt a place to get it except in Iceland. 

    Never had Neftobak but i really like Ntsu black and Viking /SG plain snuffs and rappees.

    Thanks for the review and the great content mate!

    Whats the next snuff you re planning  to review?
  • I second, truly awesome review!

    @ALLex, you can try procuring it from this Czech Republic-based online store: . Not quite sure, what the "Available on back-order" means, but no one else carries neftobak outside Iceland. If the price makes you raise your eyebrows, a horn costs 4000 kr in Iceland now. The only place to buy it cheaper is Keflavik airport duty free store. You can get a horn for 14 EUR there.
  • @volunge Thanks for the info !

    You are like a snuff library mate! Endless source of snuff knowledge! 

    I ll save that link of this Czech shop for the future.

    @volunge did you check out the videos of ntsu i posted at the Snuff Related Videos thread?
    There are some scenes of snuff (nsunko !) making and snuff taking as well.

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