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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

How many do you keep open?

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I am just curious how many tins, cans, bags, flasks or which every container of different snuffs do you keep open at one time.

I tend too keep so few open as possible. Just right now it is

Toque - Natural
Toque . Natural Toast
M&W - Mature Crumbled
SG - Irish D
Poschl - Gawith Original

that is my rotation by now.

I still have a lot of snuff in vacuum sealed bags in my cellar and stored in boxes.

What do you keep open at one time?

Kind regards


  • Many. The only unopened ones are refills.
  • msxmsx Member
    @Betty_BW same for me. I have at least 20 different ones ready to use but since i store all of them in small, airtight glass jars in a drawer there is no problem to keep them fresh. Variety is key for me when it comes to snuff taking
  • I try not to keep too many open but I find the longer I have been a snuffer the more I open.  I probably have 15 open at the moment.
  • 15 or so in jars. Some of these I never touch. e.g. two mentholated snuffs are only there for when I have a cold, and a couple of others which I can't abide but I hate wasting things. I have a rare schmalzler kept for an occasional treat, and the rest are in rotation at different times and places. 
  • I've lost count,  but with loving care,  they are all enjoyed.
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    I feel ya’...
    A sea of Amber Glass bottles in mini fridge of various sizes, various Snuffs. And some un-opened refills in ziplocks sealed just awaitin’ :)>-
  • They are all open...
  • Lol all of them :) a whole lot of options!
  • All are open. Even ones I bought 10
    years ago.
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