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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Temperature stressed snus

I have a vital question. I have been keeping a stash of snus in the freezer compartment of a mini fridge and discovered a freaky situation. My hypothesis is that it was temperature fluctuations that turned many of my portions shiny and near black, also there was a deposit of a slimy material, probably glycerin or PG. I threw out the ones that were in the worst condition and have used some that do not look quite as bad. So, my question is what would you do? Should I just abandon them all and throw them out? Are they going to be just too tainted, bacteria ridden or whatever? I am starting to feel like throwing them out and re stocking before I was planning to initially.


  • I'm sure folks on Reddit could be of some help. There's a huge snusers community hub there - r/Snus .

    My humble snus storing experiece is limited to occasional roll in the general fridge compartment only. Usually I run through it in 1.5-2 months. No issues so far.

    How did it taste?
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Ok, thanks! I will look there. I guess the ones that have a more normal appearance maybe feel a little more wet and cold in the lip. The flavors are maybe a little faded. I still get some tingle/bite, maybe not as much as a good, fresh one.
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