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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste


shammah afghani


  • Hi Everyone !

    Our take on Makla Ifrikia !

     A new high nicotine snuff/chewing tobacco from the house of SIX PHOTO.
    No added flavours or menthol.Just natural tobacco taste.

    It shall be available soon on

    We would be eager to hear your feedback on this .
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2019 PM
    Waiting forward for this! How many grams are in a can?
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Is it for the nose? If so, looking forward to trying it
  • It is 50g in a can . This product is best used orally as I believe Belgium Makla is used.

  • Thanks!  :)

  • Thank You !!!! =D> =D> =D>
  • ETA / any chances to expect it today or tomorrow? @ManxSnuff
  • The consignment has been delivered since long, I'm also waiting for it to be listed on the site
  • ManxSnuffManxSnuff Member, Administrator
    Hey guys! Apologies for the delay

    Shammah Afghani is now available here

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2019 PM
    @ManxSnuff Thanks, buddy! Please make the 6 Photo MYSORE SANDALWOOD available at, too. I'm halfway through placing an order there and just spotted another new one, which I'd like to include in my cart. Regretably, current MYSORE status at is "Temporarily out of stock", though it is listed as available at, so should be in the warehouse actually. Hope you fix this bug soon.

    Meanwhile, could you give us some more details on Mysore Sandalwood Snuff, @sixphoto? What is the tobacco base, is it black, white, green, yellow or brown? Mentholated or menthol-free? Is it single-flavoured (pure sandalwood), or a bouquet with a sandalwood scent playing a leading role?

    Description at "This is a limited edition snuff. Pure natural sandalwood sourced from the jungles of Mysuru region of Karnatka is added to an exclusive snuff powder blend to create this masterpiece."
  • @volunge Good you broght this up , please note the details on MYSORE SANDALWOOD SNUFF


    PS - the snuff has been wrongly priced , the real price is at least three times the listed price.
  • @sixphoto Thanks! I haven't tried any pure sandalwood snuff (i. e. single flavoured) yet and it's been a good while since I last time burned incense of that kind. I don't recall the scent and can't wait to try Mysore, so I placed an order for it (and Shammah) already.

    As far as the current price goes, I thought this new snuff is made of similar base as Krishan or Cheeta, which are similarly priced. Glad to know it has Super Kailash base, though!
  • I really appreciate that 6Photo comes out with new products. MG Madras is one of my all time favorites. Cannot wait to try these new ones!
  • Hi everyone !
    Has anybody got a tin of this as yet ?

    I'm looking forward to hear the feedback ,as compared to the Belgium Makla 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    I can attest that Shammah Afgani is a quality product and is stronger than similar Belgian product. I've been testing Shammah for five days and made side-by-side comparison with Makla Bouhlel Bentchicou (MBB).

    To begin with, both products fall under the same category of  u l t r a  s t r o n g 
    oral tobacco, widely known as "makla", i.e. chema, shammah, naswar,
    nasway or simply "nas''. 6 Photo product is described as a blend of
    Rustica and Burley tobaccos, whereas Sifaco uses only Rustica for their
    maklas. Either have similar plastic clay-like texture and hefty whiff of ammonia. There's some presence of coarse pieces of tobacco midribs/stems in both products, but properly baked prillas do not disintegrate and drip is minimal (close to none, actually). Both products are plain (unflavoured).

    Shammah Afgani: super easy to bake, homogenous texture, oily, khaki brown. There's a pronounced peppery lip burn and residual burn, which lasts for a good while after the prilla is taken out (up to a half an hour, even after rinsing the mouth with water several times).

    MBB (Makla): somewhat harder to bake, texture is less homogenous than Shammah, khaki green. Milder and short lasting lip burn, no residual burn.

    Some final remarks. I ran the trial on a well primed lip (besides my passion for the strong nasal snuff, I'm a moderate regular snus user, too) and my nicotine tolerance is fairly high, so I didn't experience any '"buzz" or razor-sharp painful lip burn, which is a signature of the tobacco of this kind. Neither of them cut my lip or left blisters on gums/lips. MBB just made me satiated and not wishing for more, whereas Shammah nicotine uptake was more stimulating, "wavy" (pulsating uptake, increased heartbeat) and gradually subsiding continued for half an hour even after the prilla was discarded. I use approximately 1 g of product for a prilla and keep it for 30
    minutes under my upper lip, limiting my daily usage to two times.
  • Thank you for the detailed review of Shammah @volunge. I will definitely include a cab on my next order.
  • MrSnuff and Snuffstore are both out of Mysore. Anyone know if there will be a restock?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2019 PM
    @tinhuey My pleasure.


    Tin sizes: MBB - 20 g, Shammah Afghani - 50 g.

  • @Volunge Thanks for your detailed reviews on Shammah Afghani , much appreciated.

    Further , we would soon be preparing a new batch for mrsnuff .

    Please let me know if there is anything we can do to improve upon the current product.

    We welcome all comments and suggestions.
  • @sixphoto PM sent.
  • Is spitting required when using Shammah orally, or is it like a snus, with which one doesn't need to spit?
  • @Thepeug Properly used, no spitting required. Just like a snus. But don't keep it in your lip for too long, it is stronger than any snus I have tried.
  • Thanks, volunge.  Just placed an order.  I look forward to trying it!
  • This is good stuff, and stronger than the Fire and Ice.  
    @volunge - am I right in my analysis about this? Your description is spot on and having a pea sized prilla in my upper lip for 20 odd minutes had my head swimming. Don't think I want to use it more than thrice a day since I am using other strong nasal snuffs anyways. 
    P.S. You've got mail :) 
  • @newbiesnuffer, indeed, it feels stronger. If you feel it's too strong (now I'm referring to the lip burn), let the can sit for a few weeks or a month, it should turn milder with time. And yes, just one or two small prillas per day, just for 10-20 minutes. Take control ;).

    And thanks for reaching out to me, my friend!
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