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Snuv has arrived!

Do you blow your nose, before taking another pinch ?

If you pinch a couple of times..then wait for 20 minutes and want to pinch you blow your nose to clear out the old stuff that may still be in there, or do you just pinch again ?


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    If it's dry and fine snuff (think most WoS SP-type), I usually just pinch again and blow my nose only when the forward drip starts disturbing me or aggravates taking another pinch. If it's coarse and moist, I need to clear out almost every time before my next round. I prefer rinsing my nose with tap water. It would be too challenging for me to describe the procedure in detail, but it results in absolutely clean palate. When I'm on coarse, I can run water cleanse many times a day (more than 10x).
  • bobbob Member
    as is needed. Best to go on feel, like you would if not snuffing.
  • @volunge I would advise against using tap water to rinse your nose, ESPECIALLY if your water comes from a well. Tap water can contain bacteria, sometimes even deadly. Use bottled water or boil tap water and let it cool to room temperature before rinsing. A "neti pot" can ease the process if you don't already use one. Most pharmacies carry them. Cheers.
  • dan11dan11 Member
    Studies have shown that bottled water can often have much, much higher bacterial counts than your average tap water sample, so it's not necessarily as sterile as one might like to believe.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    @rostanf Thanks for caring, mate! Surprisingly, tap water from deep aquifers in most urban areas with population over 5000 is cleaner than the bottled in the Baltics. In fact, it's among the cleanest in Europe (bacteria-wise). But yes, I only use pre-boiled water or bottled when visiting country side - unfortunately, up to 40% of shallow wells are contaminated and are not properly maintained.
  • Depends how my nose feels. If it feels full, I will clear it out. If not, I will just take another pinch. If I am returning from a layoff, and it is my first pinch for a while, I will take a light pinch to get the juices started before taking proper sized pinches. The previous pinch helps prepare the nose for the next one.
  • @volunge my pleasure. @dan11 that sucks! I did some googling and you're correct. I guess the takeaway would be BOIL EVERYTHING! lol.
  • eblipeblip Member
    maybe not applicable to rest of world ..but in england we drink tap water...we bathe in it and we wash everything in it ...even our eyes....a splashing or snuffing up the nose of tap water wont do any harm in england.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Yes I have to chime in that I spent most of my life on well water, drinking it, bathing & swimming in it, using it to fill netipots, ... exchanging fluids ... never had a doctor suggest that was an issue!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2019 PM
    **** happens. In all fairness, there was an outbreak of Legionella in capital's water system two years ago.

    I remember an article about Latvian natural spring water quality. 7 out of 12 tested popular springs were contaminated with coliforms, some of which can cause serious illness. Despite the common preboiling advisory, many folks living neareby still prefer spring water to centrally supplied and most of them drink it unboiled. Sometimes you can see rows of them raw water lovers, standing in a queue and waiting for their turn to fill those huge PET bottles (a week's worth amounts, likely). Kind of sacred thing to some. I accidentally stepped into spring watercourse once while trying to take a photo in the far end of the cave, dusky and all, simply haven't noticed where I placed my foot, muddling the water badly and driving bonkers some local chap who just came there with two 20 l containers...

    That said, I have treated myself with a refreshing raw sip in various places. I even rinsed my nose with river water few times while kayaking (out of potable). Still alive.

    Our northern neighbours Estonians have their own, non-bacterial problems:

    P. S. Basic disinfection of water by boiling should last at least 1 minute. (and I ingenuously believed that letting it reach boiling temperature in a kettle is enough..)
  • I've never seen the appeal of pouring water up my nose. :-S If my nose needs flushing out, I just up my fluid intake, and the nose will produce more of the fluids that should be in there to flush things out. No need to bypass the body's own maintenance systems, just give it what it needs to do the job efficiently itself.
  • After a couple good sniffs I blow my nose so that the next sniff actually touches the walls of my nose, there is absoutly no since in building a thick cake of snuff in you nose that nicotine can't be absorbed from !!!!   G'Day
  •  I almost never blow my nose anymore. After a night of going heavy on the stuff i tend to pick out black booger balls with my fingers the next morning but rarely ever have to blow or wipe my nose. It's like my nose has adapted and accepted my habit.
  • Depends on the day and how much I am sniffing. Some days it is before every pinch and other days it is three times a day (morning, midday and evening showers because being a generally sweaty individual with oily skin living in Florida requires much more showering than the average person)
  • after a couple months of constant snuffing my nose barely runs anymore.  Have to wipe once or twice a day max, and only ever blow my nose in the shower.  Maybe not drinking enough h2o as 50ft_trad indicated
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    It stands to reason that you might want to blow your nose occasionally just to flush things out. I could snuff dryer, finer snuffs all day and never have to blow, though. Using a snuff known for front drip solves this problem. Probably better to rinse things out with saline, but that is not always practical.
  • I use to blow my nose after every pinch. But I have to be honest - I tend to take every nasal tobacco like I do with Schmalzler. This is what we "grew" up here in Bavaria. Even with a Toast or an SP I take plenty of tobacco. But I use to take only about 10 to 15 pinches a day. That is it.

    The bigger the amount with one pinch, blowing the nose is neccessary.
  • I am afraid that at my age (257 next July), blowing the nose and letting one rip happen simultaneously. I blow most infrequently.
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