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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Toque - Cheese and Bacon?

I know why we still keep making Cheese and Bacon, it is one of our best sellers and this month amazingly it went to position number one, but I ask you why? It is no secret I really don't like my Frankenstein; I just want to ask the Cheese and Bacon fans what it is that you like?


  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    edited October 2017 PM
    Honestly, I was totally ready to not like it. I actually happened on the one person within a hundred miles of me who takes snuff, and he happened to be carrying Cheese And Bacon. So I offered him a pinch of OSP Batch #1, and he offered me a pinch of Cheese And Bacon. It ended up being an interesting, smokey, savory pinch. Kind of like Toque Bourbon with some umami. I've never personally ordered it again, but I totally get why people do.
  • Maybe you can tell that by amounts people order (i wonder if there are many bulk orders of it).
    It definitely catches your eye when you browse thru all the varietes. I was oblidged to buy one as i saw one :)
    Can't say i use it much, that cheesy flavor stays for so long it gets annoying.
    Will take ages to empty 10g tin.
  • I haven't had any in a few years, but I ordered it out of curiosity alone when you first started producing it a few years back. I think there was some sort of bulk buy promo going on at the time. I'd already made up my mind to purchase a large bag of Whiskey and Honey, and with the promo 100g of Cheese and Bacon was about the same as getting a small tin and shipping from Mr Snuff.

    It was never my go-to pinch, but it scratched an occasional itch for something with a super savory note to it that nothing else has going for it.
  • I tried it last year and when I opened the fresh tin and had a pinch, it tasted like some type new tire, lol. A month later I picked it up and that wonderful fatty, cheesy taste came through... yum... just, yum. It's been in my rotation ever since. If you don't like it as a newb, air some out just a bit and try it again. You'll either love it, or hate it.   :]

  • Well I mustered up the courage to try another pinch of this stuff and even after 5+ years in the tin its still overpoweringly... gross :-&

    I said it before and I'll say it again, the people who like this snuff are the very same people who squirt those whipped-cream-cans of cheese down their throats like its going out of style.

  • IcepickIcepick Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    @Roderick the bacon flavor added to cheese gives the punch of the meaty washrind cheeses. I know it's supposed to be blue chz, and it is but I get the impression of stinky feet bacteria as well. So to my nose the overall taste is just good cheese, not so much distinct bacon.

    That being said I can't imagine using it everyday, all day, and running though hundreds of grams if it.

    @n9inchnails I suppose this makes me an outlier by your reckoning but remember your referring to snuff takers, a focused group of outliers!

  • ElleElle Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    I'm currently bagging a variety of flavors for my boyfriend - toffee, swiss chocolate, irish coffee, kentucky bourbon & more - & of course I needed to refresh the spoon every time I finished filling a bag.

    The one I want to go back to is the cheese & bacon. Just because... that was super weird but I think it was good. But really weird. But good. But also weird.
  • I don’t know what i should think about this. My brother ordered some 6 months ago and he really loves it. I tried it one time and I hated it and loved it both
  • i like it! so unique snuff.

    the scent reminds me of eating mc donalds burgers!
  • I love it. Whenever my wifes irritated with me I grab the tin and take a big old pinch, because she hates it lol. She avoids me for a while and it gives her an opportunity to cool off so we can talk things out later.

    Beyond that I honestly love the stuff anyway, its such an offbeat scent compared to the various sps and other run of the mill snuff.
  • This snuff would be loved by even more people if it had another name....not containing the words cheese and bacon.
  • Tobaccobob,  Lets see what you guys can come up with.

  • Bleu breakfast
  • expersexpers Member
    I wonder how Toque is able to name their snuffs after the scent when WoS claim UK law has prohibited them from doing so and that's why they changed the name of all their snuffs.  I like the poetic names better than the straightforward scent profile names, but it does make purchasing more difficult.  Also while I love Toque's twist tins, I would love if the branding were improved, that yellow is really ugly, and the 'don't smoke, snuff toque' quote just brings to mind negative imagery for me.  I've never been much of a smoker and it presents the hobby of snuff taking into some kind of health conscious quitting smoking strategy like chewing nicotine gum or wearing a patch.  Perhaps it's a 'me' problem, but I'll admit I'm not immune to the power of branding, and it's such an enjoyable experience to whip out a nice WoS tin, with it's vintage feel, and getting lost in the feeling that I'm taking part in a long tradition, and a culture.  When I take out a Toque tin I feel like I'm taking out a No Name Brand value snuff.  Hope this doesn't come across too harshly, I love Toque snuffs, and Roderick is a stand up guy, just my constructive criticism for what it's worth.
  • @expers, I would love to stand corrected, but as far as I know, Toque snuffs... don't even exist on the UK market. They are not present among the UK notified tobacco products (or at least were not the last time I checked the list). This might explain the bold naming.

    I don't find the font and yellow background appealing as well. This logo would be way more pleasing to the eye:
  • expersexpers Member
    edited April 21 PM
    Ah, I thought they were a UK brand.  Perhaps they manufacturer offshore.  Yes that logo is much better.  I don't know where you live but here in Canada we have this budget/value brand called No Name, that has the most plain boring packaging, and whenever I see Toque tins I think of it.  Plus snuff taking isn't something common around here, so any time I take out my snuff tin I get questions, and it's not a great introduction for them to see this ugly looking tin.  No Name's whole schtick is that they have ugly packaging and boring labels, because they save money on not bothering to package things nicely and pass on the savings to consumers, the yellow and boring font and lettering are like a beacon of ugly in the grocery store to attract value hunters.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 22 PM
    :) <---
  • image
  • @Expers Toque manufacturer on the Isle of Man which is a separate legal jurisdiction to the rest of the UK. It's a Crown Dependency which gives it a different status than say England, Wales and even Scotland. When the UK was part of the EU the Isle of Man remained outside of it.
  • expersexpers Member
    @volunge Yep!  Just hold up a Toque tin side by side.  I wonder if Roderick knows that his branding is so similar to Canada's value brand, not that I'd assume he'd particularly care given Canada is such a tiny market I'm sure.  That horrid yellow with the blunt description "Toque - Chocolate", "Toque - Peanut Butter".  

    @Huysmans ah thank you for that info.  I recall reading about that place, I feel like maybe MrSnuff was shipping from there in the past perhaps, or maybe it was another dependency.  
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited April 23 PM
    @expers Yes Mr Snuff is also based there it has a lot of offshore advantages especially it seems for tobacco exporters!
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