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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • It must be back in the time machine to the 1980's for me today, as most of the day so far has been a 'coffee morning' still going on with the Artisan Snuff Robusta Rappee ;) :D
  • 6p Colonial Club.
  • @Betty_BW Colonial Club? What's that like? Your tips have be very informative so far ;)

    Tag teaming Hedges L260 & M&W's Particular with some classic English ales - An amazing combination :D
  • Woke up with some SNUV Rusty Trombone, a couple of post shower bumps of F&T's French Carotte. Drifting into the afternoon with Artisan Snuff Ficus Rappee ;)
  • Betty_BWBetty_BW Member
    edited January 22 PM
    @MisterPaul how kind of you! 
    I'd describe Colonial Club as the love child of 6P No,66 and Riviera, a bit sweeter, menthol with a whiff of background spicyness, mediterranean herbs and lemon. A cameleon depending on location, indoors or out. 
    I think Henley Regatta rather than the Long Room at Lords.
  • Ozona President 
    F and T Old Paris
    F and T HIgh dry Toast
    Snuv Nutty Ella after lunch 
    Gotard Coconut
    Fubar Black Joe 
    F and T Bordeaux 
    Snuv Nutty Ella lined up for after dinner 
    41P White elephant and Taxi Red for this evening 
        Hope everyone's enjoying their snuff and the weekend 
  • Wilson’s wallflower with a cuppa earl grey
  • So far today it has been, W.E. Garrett, Dr Rumney's Brown, NTSU and Taxi Green. Going with the nicotine heavy hitters today. Pinching in between making quince wine.and enjoying a RIS I made about 18 months ago.
  • @StudiodecolBleu NIce pairing 
    Iron throne after a good sunday lay in
    JandHWilson Top Mill No1 
    Rosinski Ochsenkopf
    Toque Chocolate after lunch 
    Bernard Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert
    F and T high dry toast 
    Snuv nutty joe lined up for after dinner
    Toque Lime Toast and St Clements waiting to be paired with some cold IPA beers tonight 
  • SWS Fifty Fifty
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited January 23 PM
    Equal parts SWS Princess Juana and 6P Cheeta, swiftly followed with some F&T HDT and then Old Mill Puro Dominicana.
  • Bernard's Amistrinha, quite like this, a soft velvety texture mixed with a decent menthol hit.
  • SG London Brown
  • 41P White Elephant
  • Bernard's Fichtennadel.
  • Ay Morning Moro Moro
  • SNUV Nutty Joe to blow the cobwebs off this Monday morning... 

  • WoS Grand Cairo both this morning and over the past weekend...
  • 6P Gold Rush 
    J and HWilsons top mill
    M and W mature crumbled 
    Nutty Joe after lunch 
    F and T Santo Domingo 
    F and T Old Paris 
    Nutty Ella for after dinner 
    Janta Big Bull and Taxi Red for tonight 
  • Been a crazy day today! Mostly Artisan Snuff Robusta Rappee today, but have just switched to the charming Rosinski Klippenritt for a lime fresh blast :D

  • Equal parts Wilsons of Sharrow Irish No 22 and 41P White Elephant
  • F&T High Dry Toast. Breaking in a new tin and as good as ever.
  • @Huysmans - There is something really nice about breaking the seal on a new tin, especially toasts; that burst of buttery biscuitsy goodness is very appealing :-) 

    A post shower pinch of F&T's Princess Special for me ;)

  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited January 25 PM
    Mostly Rosinski numbers today: Odd as it's not really their season, IMO they are rather summery type scents. However, loving ze Germans today it seems... Now if only I had a 1L dimple mug with some Helles pilsner too  :-? :D
  • F&T HDT with a cup of tea.
  • 6P Gold Rush 
    Dholakia Taj 
    Snuv Line 
    Gotard Chocolate after lunchtime sarnie 
    Babaton Blue 
    Red Seal Sweet Snuff 
    Dholakia madras toast 
    MOre gotard chocolate lined up for after dinner
    DRagon Madras and NTSU black for this evening 
  • The wonderful Otto Chancellor made a few appearances today between my usual Grand Cairo.
  • Fubar Fido. Tasty!

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 26 PM
    Homemade coarse moist Burley snuff with 4% potash and 4% salt. 28% moisturre, pure lamina, 150-299 micron flour. Feels just like KB Plain (bar the smoky note), but slightly more coarse to fit my liking.

  • @Volunge - Looks nice that mate! Your creativity is very inspiring :-) 

    Starting the day with Artisan Snuff's Robusta Rappee
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