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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    @Nulliverse - M&W Black Rappee isn't as 'flash' as the SWS one obviously. But. grind/texture wise, moisture and good olde fashioned tobacco goodness win through; it's super pinchable to be fair! 

    Rosinski are potentially my new favourite manufacturer. If you're liking the menthol vibe, then Berliner Luff is a definite recommendation for you. I'm rather captivated by their green tobacco snuffs (though they seem to be popular as they're out of stock a lot) - I managed to bag some Klippenritt and that's truly exceptional. Shouldn't work for my typical tastes, but really delivers spectacularly, so unusual and unique.  

    Anyways: Currently pinching F&T's Old Paris, that half of the snuffbox has taken a bit of a pasting this afternoon! 
  • Honey Bee  :bz
  • Thanks for the info @MisterPaul. How does the M&W compare to Viking Dark Rappee? That was always my favourite.

    I’m going to put some Rosinski Berliner Luff in my next order!

    Actually, Old Paris is probably my favourite F&T… but right now I’m getting on WoS Best Dark. Great for the evenings.
  • It was off to the office today for the first time since March 2020 with a box of HDT in my pocket to keep me going. Now back home and enjoying Old Paris to relax away the rigours of the day. I'll be joining in with the M&W Black Rappee a bit later as I was fortunately able to have enough time to pick up a tin from the Parlour on my way home. 
  • Bernard’s Klostermischung for most of the day then Toque USA Whiskey & Honey for the evening - definitely one of my absolute favourites. Hits the spot for nic hit and flavour.
  • Its been USA W&H for me all day. Course I spend more time with that blend than all others combined. I know its time for another pinch when the blood vessels on my temples start to disappear. Brings them right back up.
  • periqueperique Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    WoS Royal George <:-P <:-P <:-P
  • Good to see Toque USA W&H still gets love. It’s an absolute classic.

    This morning it’s M&W Keen Scented for me, then McC O&G in my snuff box.
  • @Nulliverse - I don't have the Viking Dark Rappee as yet; sadly missing from my collection! I have an old tin of the original Viking Dark, but I think that the rappee is different to that. 

    So: A post shower pinch of F&T's Dr J.R. Justice for me to kick things off. I've been making steady progress with the Cafe Royale since then :) 
  • @MisterPaul I think Viking Dark Rappee was just a rebranded SG black rappee. It was my favourite rappee. Similar to Viking Dark but with a coarser grind.

    I've not had F&T's Dr J.R. yet (another one for the list). Currently smashing on with the McC O&G which at this rate, will be finished this week :) 
  • @Nulliverse - Ah! I might save my money there then, I still have some of the SG Black Rappee left. This is all to do with the fact that SG stopped making their London Brown snuff which was my all time favourite. The black rappee is close, but not quite the same, M&W's one seems to be the one that I'm picking up most like I said. 

    FYI: Dr. J.R. Justice is just a 50/50 blend of Morlaix and Bordeaux, so if you have one of those you could just buy the other and jar it up yourself ;-) 
  • A new snuff for me today F&T Princes Special. I'm enjoying the grind on this. A little more of the floral than Princes itself and a lot less coarse making it easier to take especially during the day.
  • Toque Spanish Gem I am really loving this snuff could use it all day long.
  • Toque Spanish Gem,  a Gem indeed !    =D>
  • As ever, thanks for the info @MisterPaul. I was a huge fan of SG London Brown too :(

    @Vernstaken, Spanish Gem is a really good all day snuff. I slightly prefer the grind and nic of Toque's Ambrosia, which is otherwise the same as Spanish Gem. 
  • Visiting Old Paris with F&T currently, I might have to pull out the Spanish Gem and reminisce later though! 
  • F&T Bureau. Still retains it's chameleon like scent despite being 10+ years old. 
  • 1:1 Toque Rustica (suitably prepared) and 41P White Elephant.
  • @Tapout @Nulliverse I didn’t fancy the sound of it and resisted for ages but got my first tin a little while ago and I love it. It’s a classic indeed!
  • Coarse siftings of Irish 22.

    Only about 5% didn't pass through 150 micron sieve. I like toasts and don't find the grind too fine, but still much prefer this coarser fraction to powder - it's more tobaccoy.
  • SG KB Scented, swiftly followed by Bernards Zweifacher.
  • A post shower, scrub and shave pinch of WoS Royal George to start the working day today :)
  • Toque Almond Toast - Alright... Not really a favourite though... 
  • M&W Black Rappee - the more I snuff this the more I appreciate its richness and the complexity of the base tobacco. Not one to leave and get stale.
  • @Huysmans - I'm really liking that one, it's definitely my 'go to' Rappee currently, I completely agree with you about the complexity of it, much more multi-faceted than you would think - A lovely addition to my rotation, I think a further tin of this for my next order too :)

    Currently on my other favourite course snuff of the moment; some old M&W Cafe Royale 
  • I was going to join @Huysmans on the M&W's Black Rappee, but a late swerve has landed me with the other tin SWS Aged Border Rappee 
  • Back on the Grand Cairo my first and forever favourite snuff.
  • J&H Wilson SP no.1. One of the snuffs that was commonly availiable when I started snuffing, always something I go back to, only really worth getting the 20g tins though, the smaller ones lose a lot of their flavour quickly.
  • @BeerandSnuff I was pleasantly surprised by SP No. 1. Easy to take and much nicer than some of the old reviews of this snuff had led me to imagine. I think Wilsons must have improved the quality but that's just my surmise.
  • I always thought that J&H Wilson SP no.1. was a fair snuff as SP go. It was really just that, Top Mill if you were lucky, and Jip or Hedges for your 'newsagents' snuff selection back in the day... 

    As I had the J&H Wilson SP no.1 (none too fresh either!) out the other day I'm going to push on with M&W's Black Rappee ;) 
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