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Sir Walter Scott snuffs back in stockSnuv: Herbal Range

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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • NTSU Black
  • McCrystals O&G
  • Dragon Madras

    @Aaron - I rate the White Elephant and Afghan White on almost the same level and enjoy them both. If I buy a 30 gram tin it lasts me forever lol so cannot really comment on the price versus value (being in India myself). 
  • W&H USA
  • 6Photo medicated 666 followed by a big pinch of Dragon madras
  • AaronAaron Member
    edited February 2021 PM
    Rosinski Poltergeist

    @newbiesnuffer - oh cool, you’re in India - that makes life easier I guess when you’re trying to get hold of Indian snuffs.

    Is snuff mainstream over there?
  • Afghan White

    @Aaron - Well, it is simple to get hold of most mainstream Indian snuffs which are also popular in other countries, but most snuffs are tough to get if you're in a city like Mumbai since brick and mortar stores are limited in number and only carry a few varieties of snuff. I have to buy most Indian snuffs by directly contacting manufacturers since not all shops carry all the brands of Indian snuffs. The people here mainly use nasal snuff as a tooth powder. Since cigarettes are other forms of tobacco (khaini or loose snus) are used more than snuff, I haven't come across many Indians in my area or city using nasal snuff. 
  • Viking - Thors Hammer
  • Toque Lime Toast
  • Berwick Brown. It is so delicious. I even like it more then kbo i think.
  • NTSU Black while I explore the new Mr Snuff website.
  • Bernard’s Magic Moments
  • F&T High dry toast
  • 6Photo medicated 666
  • SG Golden Glow. After several months, I can all of a sudden sense the deep floral notes in this one. A winner! Have been noticing the same with DR Verey
  • Sws Thrice Brewed
  • Fribourg & Treyer - High Dry Toast
  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited February 2021 PM
    Jock's Choice

    @Hloridison isn't Berwick Brown something special? It's my go-to when I'm going for a walk outside, particularly when it's cool out. The leather and bright citrus are cushioned by the pillowy floral scent. (lavender? violet?)  It's transcendental.
  • @SHbickel yes i love it very much. Did you try Kendal brown original by s-g or best dark by wos? They are all this kind of snuff. But the berwick is the best for me. Lavender I also get. And some musk? It is really fantastic.

    Now I m sniffing jnf Dragon Brand madras
  • Otto Red Rag
  • HDT
  • Toque Christmas Pudding
  • Tom Buck

    @Hloridison I've had KB Original and Best Dark and enjoy them both, but like you I prefer Berwick Brown. The back drip on the other two is pretty intense. Thankfully they're all unique enough stock all three!  (Side note: don't google "best dark snuff"! :-S )
  • McChrystals Violet followed by Toque Rustica
  • Toque Original

    @SHbickel yes i like them all and have all 3. I also have 3 cans of kbo which are a several years old. They aged and the tobacco is black right now. It is much smoother. I like it aged.
  • A mix of Babaton and MGM (3:2). My daily driver as of late.
  • Viking Thors Hammer

    For the rest of the day I was snuffing MG Madras
  • Toque Original
  • Toque Whiskey & Honey USA. This one is a keeper.
  • Betty_BWBetty_BW Member
    edited February 2021 PM
    41Photo Golden Himtaj followed by Red Label Black.
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