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Snuv has arrived!

Are the any secret snuff recruiters out there?



  • I have done a few snuff prize pack contests on my Facebook pipe and cigar group page, I got a decent amount of interest. Of the 4 or 5 people that I send some too, only one ended up placing an order with Mr. Snuff. I know will offer pinches at gatherings, but nothing more as I can't afford to pay for other people's hobbies anymore. The amount of people that turn down a pinch of Red Crest is crazy!
  • I use President while at work and I'm always trying to convert the smokers.
  • Just won possibly two people. A welder just came up and took a pinch of Wilsons Ice Licorice and was impressed. He said one of his guys was interested in trying it.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited August 2017 PM
    @JakartaBoy even if you told him how to take it he still would have snorted it right back, they always do no matter how much you emphasize to GENTLY sniff it.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    If I'm pinching on a plane I offer it, one taker so far and gave her the last of my Toque Citrus. Met a couple of guys while snuffing at a valet and after they both tried SD Original I left them with the tin. Offered to a few in after hours work scenarios but no takers yet there. Brought out the USA W&H after a funeral and had many interested but all too embarrassed I think to try.

    Oh had a few couples over for a birthday a couple months ago and got 4 takers. And a few weeks ago one more.
  • I converted my older brother to snuff after I used it to quit smoking and chewing, now he is on it as hard as I am and hasnt looked back. Any time I am at the bar or in front of the hotel I use it quite blatantly in hopes that someone will ask a question and try a pinch. Have given away a few small tins in the hopes of keeping people interested.
  • ConkConk Member
    edited August 2018 PM
    I was in my brother's sports bar a few weeks back and wacked a few tins on the bar, started openly snuffing and got some interest. By the end of the night had about 5 guys coming back asking for more. They were smokers, I wasn't peddling addictive substances to nicotine free people. 
  • I began using snuff towards the end of 2016, and until now have 6 of my known to get into snuff and give cigarettes a break. Also, I use it shamelessly on my work desk, in the bar, in the cafes etc without a care in the world. I wouldnt use snuff hiding it. What is there to hide? Even if a conversation starts with someone demeaning the snuff usage, the conversation ends with me telling them the benefits and them being an ignorant lot not knowing about snuff which is the oldest form of enjoying tobacco. And they agree. Snuff recruiter - might not be a strong one until now, but promoter - I am, wholeheartedly. I do not want this industry and its usage to shrink but to grow grow grow! 
  • Here in the UK, the government does not levy any excise duty on snuff.  A 25g tin costs in the region of three pounds.  Compare this to cigarettes, which are astonishingly expensive to someone who hasn't smoked for years.  I feel torn between wanting the snuff habit to become more popular, yet being afraid that, if it does, the government will want to start making money from it.  I think the present situation strikes some sort of balance.
  • Last month I introduced my brother (a smoker) to snuff and snus and he got excited about smokeless in general. He had beginner's problems with finer grinds (toasts and gul), but enjoyed schmalzlers (Bernard Aecht altbayerischer and Poschl Perlesreuter), menthols (Taxi Green, WoS Singleton's and Bee M), Indian snuffs (41P Himtaj Golden, Dholakia Black, Taj, 6P Super Kailash) and dipping Cheeta Gul. He succesfully rehydrated some old SG Gin & Tonic and turned a part of it into schmalzer, learned to mix snuffs and make his own snus from old snuff. Hitting snuff/snus really hard, he effortlessly reduced smoking close to zero (and it even wasn't his aim).
  • In the past 8 months I've introduced 3 or 4 people to snuff. One rushed to make a big order online then after a few weeks decided his nose didn't really agree with it. Most say it's pretty cool but don't really peruse it. Then I have a buddy at work that tried ever new blend I get, but he is a non tobacco user. He just enjoys the flavors and the novelty of it all. I did get at least one member from another forum to sign up here at snuffhouse, it I havnt seen much from him in the past few weeks it seems. Maybe he's one of those weird people that don't stay on the internet all the time?
  • A few years ago I was running sound for a friend's band at an upstairs bar and got out my Viking Brown. I had a few people interested and they tried it. One who tried it sniffed too hard of course and it really blew his head off. I could practically see his brain sizzling. He was like, "WTF did you give me?" I'm not sure if he ended up liking it but at least one person did.

    Then one of them busted out his coke and lines were done right on the bar table.. lmao. So I'm not sure if I recruited anyone but at least they know about it now. If anything it was a fun night.
  •   Sort of.

          My friend grew some rape in his garden and I convinced him to grind some up and snuff it. He loved it 
      and has been doing it since.  His home made stuff was green and powerful. It was weird, like a mild hallucinogen almost, and made me a little sick when i took too much. Then I introduced him to FUBAR snafu plain, and he's been loving it ever since.  Just heard he went over to my other friend and he ended up liking it too. So now 2 of my 3 closest friends like snuff. The third vapes that girly froo froo cupcake smelling shit and probably wont change. 

      (It would be funny if friend number one saw this.  Hi Aaron!) 
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    9 of my friends / close acquaintances use snuff now. 5 of them have quit smoking all together, but these were not heavy smokers to begin with. The remaining still do smoke, but they have cut down from a pack of 20 cigarettes or so to just having 3-4 of cigarettes a day. I am happy with the result nonetheless. 
    Their curiosity got them interested (What are you snorting?!), because I use snuff without any apologies anywhere I go. I was into pipe smoking for a while along with using snuff (honestly, Sherlock Holmes made it look cool to me as well), but the unavailability of good pipe tobaccos in India, the expense of good pipes  and the maintenance that the pipes required made me give up pipe smoking too. They lit up a cigarette and I use to take some snuff. Initially it was tough for me to resist a smoke while having a drink, but I can proudly say I havent smoked a cigarette or a bowl in a long long time. I think the main reason the heavy smokers are happy to use snuff is also because they are able to save a lot of money from that damaging chain smoking habit - plus it keeps their families happy from the absence of the lingering smell of cigarette smoke. 
    I was happy to order a few snuffs for them and still do from time to time. 
    They were astonished to know a forum like this exists and that snuff has a decent fan following worldwide.
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    My dad felt in love with Toque W&H USA, pinch it occasionally but still smokes/vapes a lot.
    My mom started to take small pinch of Radford everyday for her nasal problems, says it greatly improved her breathing during allergy symptoms. I think a little tin of Snuffy Weiss would be perfect for her :)
    Other than that, I know many people in my age who do some Poschl snuffs from time to time (many of them smokes as well). Its pretty common thing in Poland, so I usually just try to broad their perception on existing variety of nasal snuff.
  • I offer it to anyone who asks, but most people call me weird, or worse. Very few times has anyone even known what it is, and even less care for an explanation. Whatever, I quit a 2+ pack a day habit with snuff.
  • Funny in a way, we heard about it in my high school American history class, but most everybody thought it was just something of the past. I was thinking, yeah... somebody just gave me my first sniff of it in science class.
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