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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

List of chef Daniel's creations from start to finish and beyond?

This I hope will give better respect to him if we can start a simple topic about what his snuff is to us now. A comprised list from the first one he offered to ones available today and which ones could ever be replicated. I know he would be interested in what we think.


  • I hope in some form or fashion something can be continued or replicated.
  • I only started with the tip of the iceberg with his snuff. I was planning on a big order. I've only tried a handful of his. I have tried Javelin, equinox, sarsaparilla, butternut, greyhound, and kind of blue. I am still hoping I can get some more at some point,
  • I do believe Premiere was his first OM snuff.
    That was when he used small ziplock baggies. IMG_0745

    I'm sure there are a few members that purchased every snuff and may be able to compile a list.
    This would be a great reference.
  • cpmcdillcpmcdill Member
    edited October 2016 PM
    Beside those listed on his current menu:

    There are many older ones that either sold out, or were "works in progress" that have not been released yet (possibly as many as 40).

    April Showers:
    A bright, zesty and refreshing snuff based on a variety of flue cured leaf from Virginia, North Carolina and Canada, lightly toasted and dry aged in oak barrels before getting dressed down with a complex blend of citrus zest, dried flower blossoms, herbs and a surprising top note of fresh cucumber.  After a final toasting it is milled to a medium grind with moderate moisture to create Old Mill's signature ease of use.  

  • This is an outstanding idea! And I saw this thread just as I was popping onto the site to provide something of an update on the Old Mill situation.

    As of conversations with Daniel's family this evening, I will not get access the chef's snuff laboratory and computer until around Thanksgiving.  Daniel's widow is taking everything slowly and methodically, and part of that process means she is not ready to deal with the gazillions of details yet regarding the disposition of Old Mill.  I'm the only one whom the family's wants to climb into this stuff, and after a long discussion, that's what the timeline is looking like.

    I'm posting this message here, but if it belongs as an addendum to the previous long thread that started when I first posted the announcement of Daniel's passing, can someone put it over there, or perhaps direct members to this thread?  Merci!

    Re: This thread, some of the stuff I hope to find includes:

    Current stock of OM products that are ready for "market."

    Condition and status of the many concoctions that were in the development stage.  I'll bet many of you on Snuffhouse know more than me, but I believe he had a new batch of Limoncello in process, and was developing a Orange or combined citrus snuff which I was excited about.  Next, I know that he had a TON of ideas percolating at any given time.  I know for a fact that he was working on "recipes" for a whole bunch of new things.  I know I'll find a trove of interesting information in the chef's computer and physical files, but as I mentioned awhile back, and which the more active OM consumers here would know about, I don't expect to find super systematic written materials.  There will be some, but the man was a creative dynamo who could barely sit down to dinner without thinking of some other brilliant, twisted idea during the meal.

    I know that some of you had orders in process (I did too), and I am going to do my damnedest to resolve all of that.  Obviously, if you had an order in the pipeline, I simply ask for your patience at the moment.

    I anticipate being given authorization from the family to do whatever I think is best for the disposition of the entirety of Old Mill.  I am 100% positive that Chef Daniel would get a kick and a great deal of satisfaction to know that this community, in a real way, is going to collectively decide how this goes.  In important ways, as he told me many times, the online snuff community really "created" OM snuff by supporting his creations.

    I want to emphasize that I'll be relying on this community a great deal in this process.  You collective knowledge and experience should rightly drive the process.  Prior to returning to nasal snuff with the advent of OM, that last time I had used nasal snuff was in the 1970s, when Daniel and I would patrol the tobacco shops in San Francisco in order to supply our habit.  About all we ever got was Dean Swift, and we were mighty glad to have it!

    I'll post more info or updates as I have them, but we are looking at probably right after Thanksgiving.

    Cheerio for Now, Ben-Zion

  • @BenZion,
    Thanks a bunch for the update. I didn't have an order being worked on, but was about to put an order in until Chefdaniel said he was suspending operations.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Much mahalos/thanks @BenZion for the info about the future of Old Mills Snuff.Before Chef took a leave of absence he told me the Limoncello was just about finished.And I was gonna place an order.When he was coming back.
    So thanks for answering my questions about ordering anything from Old Mills.Just keep us informed.
    Peace and Alohas :-c
  • He told me he had a batch of St. Andrews ready for the mill right before he suspended operations. He was such an amazing and talented man!
  • Whatever happened with this? I'd love to know. I'd also love to know the ingredients/descriptions of his snuffs, as the website no longer exists.
  • Thank you!
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