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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Heavily Mentholated Favorites

NulliverseNulliverse Member
edited October 2015 in Types of Snuff
I'm currently awaiting my first Old Mill order, after which I'm sure my preferences will be reshuffled... but presently, I just can't put down Bernard Fichtennadel.

Indeed, it was the first 10g box I've ever emptied (promting a rapid reorder). I've sought the stuff in larger tins, but can only find meagre 10g tapboxes.

Anyhow, Bernard Polar Prise is very nice, even if it does lack the pine forest like qualities of Fichtennadel. Poschl Alpina also, is very nice. There's just something about coarse, moist, German tobacco, which makes it so synergistic with menthol (to the point where they overshadow all of my top English menthols).

Does anyone have any recommendations for snuff in the same vein?

Edit: I should also mention that I'm huge fan of all of McC's, particularly O&G and Highland Ice, even if they are entirely different beasts in terms of base tobacco, grind and moisture.


  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited October 2015 PM

    Gletscherprise comes in 25 g tap boxes.
  • Fichtennadel Is one of my favourites, and even bought the box deal from Mr.Snuff which was expensive. I have tried a few experiments and found a mix of toque spruce and hedges l260 makes a nice oil free version. Not quite the same but nice none the less.
  • SG Christmas Pinch (Pine Menthol) is of course very similar in scent, and you can get it in the 25g tin.  I'd say the pine scent is a little lighter than Fichtennadel, but it has that light brown SG fluffiness that I've come to love. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it @Nulliverse if it ever makes its way into your collection.  
  • Thanks @howdydave - Gletscherprise has gone straight into the cart for my next order.

    Interesting mix there @canadiansnuffer. I have
    the latter in the cart already, but will add the former (2 birds with one stone - as I love trying untried Toques, and am always interested in making my own mixes). Thanks.

    I had no idea SG - my all time favorite miller - made a pine scent @SeanOCDPx, so it's blatantly going straight into my ever expanding shopping basket (in truth, more akin to an overflowing trolly!). So thanks for the heads-up.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    @nulliverse if you like pine, De Kralingse AP! Another fantastic one. Have a brand new box open right now. If you like SG I think you'll find this one exactly to your liking. The pine is extremely fresh and aromatic.
  • Yeah Gletscherprise is great. If you like licorice scent go with Poschl Lowenprise. You already like Alpina which is one of my favorites. If you really want something unusual I would say talk to Roderick at Toque snuff. My wife got me a bespoke snuff for Father's Day this year and I had him do a German styled heavily mentholed snuff with his Wild Berry scent. It is fantastic.
  • Thanks for the further recommendations @Snuffbox and @hgrissom. De Kranlingse AP has been added to the wish list - I just can't get enough of menthol + pine. I'll certainly give a customised Toque some thought (wow) too, as I'm a massive fan of Wild Berries.

    Have never got on with any form of liquice, though. A friend gave me McC Liquice Ice, and I thought I might finally appreciate it in a snuff... but after trying it, I gave it straight back.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    @nulliverse I didn't mean to imply De Kralingse AP has menthol- it doesn't, and none of the De Kralingse do AFAIK. There is something called "Mentholin" in his non-tobacco snuff section but I don't know anything about that one. I just mentioned the AP because you said you love pine. All Jaap's scents are very deep and natural. Also because you mentioned SG...the De Kralingse Latakias are all coarsely ground. Well, they're actually medium ground compared to SG plains but there is some aspect to the grinding that makes them snuff coarser than they appear FWIW, which I find very much to my liking. Because of what you written I thought I should suggest it- but again it is not menthol (which I personally think would be over the top for a pine snuff anyway). Sorry for any confusion.

  • @Snuffbox: You are right none of our snuff tobaccos contain menthol. Mentholin is the only one  heavy of menthol. Actually I prefer to call it snuff powder. It is an original recipe connected with the original owners of the mills, the Hioolen Brothers  who preserved the recipe in a parchment bound booklet dated 1862 which is now in our possession.

    Jaap Bes.

  • @snuffmiller 1862, wow! Interesting stuff!
  • Thanks for the clarification @Snuffbox. Pine scented recommendations are most welcome, and will no doubt expand my horizons further. What you have described sounds very appealing, and will definetly be purchased!

    A recipe in a parchment bound booklet, dating back to 1862 @snuffmiller? That alone is enough to make me want to try it... and it's a perfect example of the traditional / historical aspect of snuffing, which drew me to the stuff in the first place!
  • Give Bernard Jubilaum a shot @Nulliverse for a big head clearing dose and then OM Alpine for a more subtle hit but super tasty nonethemess.
  • @nulliverse if our postal "service" ever does their job I'm expecting some Gawith Hoggarth CM. This should be along the lines of what you started talking about here: a more coarsely ground, moist snuff with menthol (and camphor- don't know if you like that). I'll post some tasting notes but it may take awhile since I don't want to open too many tins at the same time.

    I'm planning a menthol comparo extravaganza later but most of them aren't going to be coarse grinds, just because I don't know that most of the menthols are ground that way.
  • You should try SG Menthol Black and Menthol Brown. They are coarse, moist, good tobacco flavor, medium in nicotine and quite different than the other menthol types.
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