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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Kings Amongst Mints

NulliverseNulliverse Member
edited October 2015 in Types of Snuff
What is your favorite (non Menthol) Mint, and why?

Although I've not opened my WoS Chocolate Mint yet, my current favorites (in order of preference) are;

WoS Crumbs of Comfort / Toque Spearmint
SG Afterglow
McC Supermint
Toque Peppermint
SG Peppermint Dark
Viking Spear
SG Peppermint Gold
WoS Country Mint

Edit: I've just tried WoS Chocolate Mint, and although it's too early tell, I've a feeling it's gonna jostle for the top spot...


  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    Wilsons's Prime Minister is very good and so is their Peppermint and Spearmint Plus. I think they do mints and menthols particularly well but be aware that most of their menthol and mint snuffs need significant airing out to show their true colors. Make sure you buy fresh tins. (After an initial bad episode with a retailer no longer in business I buy all my snuffs direct from the mills.) Wilsons have a parabolic curve starting out very heavy on the ammonia and not exhibiting much fragrance or flavor, then becoming better and better as they air out, peaking, and then losing their freshness (like all other snuffs) over time. All this to say if you get any Wilsons that aren't to your liking and you are sure they are fresh, wait a week or two and they will change markedly for the better, so much so you won't believe it at first.

    De Kralingse/ makes a Latakia Peppermunt which is fantastic. It's rich, dark, and fabulous. If you like dark tobacco and/or coarse grinds it's certainly a top choice. I used to buy that regularly but then developed a bad reaction to the mint so I can only use it very infrequently. I know it's not the latakia because I keep the Oranje and AP around all the time and they're firm favorites of mine. It's a shame because the mint is so good with the beautiful base. @snuffmiller's Chocomint-L is another great mint combo on the same base but I have the same issue with the mint in that one so I can only take it sparingly. Which is good, actually, because they're so delicious they pose a serious OD risk!

    After falling in love with some KB Special I got from a friend in the UK in a group buy, I'd like to try the SG Mint snuffs, but I was treated very badly by the general manager years ago so haven't ordered from them.
  • NulliverseNulliverse Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    Latakia Peppermint sounds particularly appealing. Will add those other Wilsons to the wishlist, too. Thanks for the recommendations @Snuffbox, and for the advice regarding airing / storage, also.

    If you ever decide you do want to explore the SG Mint snuffs, just drop me PM / email - I'd be happy to help out.
  • @nulliverse thanks very much for your offer. I am working with HMRC clarifying the issue of VAT for foreign purchases and hopefully that will take care of several issues. From the law and their response it is very clear people outside the UK/EU are not liable to pay VAT on UK purchases!
  • If you don't have it already, get a copy of the old snuffreviews site which one of the members here kindly made available. You can browse it on your computer as if the site were still online. You'll find it a tremendous resource. In addition to info on many snuffs I haven't tried (yet) I was glad to have a copy of my own reviews to remind me about things I haven't bought in a long time.
  • Bernards stiefe prise, not sure on the spelling,I don't have it in front of me. The best mint so far that I've tried.
  • Thanks @Snuffbox and @Drchud - I'll be sure to check out both!
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    The only three non mentholated mints I have ever liked are WoS COC, OM Kind Of Blue (blueberry and mint), and my personal favorite, OM Javelin. You gotta try the Javelin.
  • I have Kind of Blue in the mail, but dammit, not Javelin. Just another one for the wish list...
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @Nulliverse Yep. You're gonna need the Javelin.
  • @Hitsuzan - that little problem just got solved ;)
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @Nulliverse Good call. As with any snuff, really, but definitely Javelin, try it outdoors in the fresh air first.
  • Indeed @Hitsuzen - the crisp October air here really has a transformative effect, particularly so with Bernards Fichtennadel, and my recent Bernard / Polch Schmalzlers. Can't wait to experience this with the OM olfactory delicacies headed my way...
  • Bernard Steifepris, the box has a sailing ship on the label. Totally, ass kicking powerful peppermint. On a really nice tobacco base. I don't like the tiny little tap box, but its a head-clearing, ice cold blast of pure peppermint. I also recommend Viking Spear, because the base tobacco is so good, and the scenting is very complex for a spearmint snuff. Someone else on this site said it has plumeria in it. I don't know what plumeria is, but if you haven't tried Viking Spear, you should. Its really nice.
  • Thanks for the recommendation @mrmanos. I own and enjoy viking spear, but haven't tried Bernard Steifepris yet. Will add it to the cart.

    I've tired WoS Extra Crumbs of Comfort recently, and although I enjoy it, I think I prefer the grind and more sustanined hit of the original.

    I've also spent a little bit of time with Old Mill Javelin, which is exceptionally complex and long lasting.
  • Second OM first bulk snuff purchase it's so good; and would add Rosinski Shwarze Minze to the list. Not sure I've ever seen it mentioned, which is a shame because it is very good and worth a check out.
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