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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

F&T HDT & WoS IHT No 22

Now, each of these appear to mark the water line for many an accomplished toast lover.

Indeed, it's commonplace to see either sitting comfortably at the top of veterans 'top 5's'', and they're almost always in someone's nose or mailbox.

I've noticed, however, that it's rare to see both rated equally highly by individual snuffers, who appear to stick with either one, or the other. Very rarely are both ranked equally, along side one another.

So, my question is... why? What qualities contribute to your preference for one over the other? I imagine it to be a mix of basic things, such as availability, grind, and aromoas... but am wondering what other subtle nuances, contribute to such differences of opinion?

I myself use both, but gravitate towards IHT No 22, if only due to it's slightly coarser grind, which makes for a more rookie-friendy toast. But what are your opinions / views?


  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    I get more sawdust and leather from HDT and more smoked meat from Wilson's. I don't have a preference between these two, I enjoy them both. But I think the F&T container is much more likely to keep snuff in good shape than the regular tins and if you accidentally drop a closed container of F&T you are normally ok (unless you drop it off the top floor of a building) whereas with the Wilsons tins even a slip of the hand over a desk means you've lost all your snuff and have some vacuuming or sweeping ahead of you. Bottom line for me, both great snuffs and hope they continue being made.
  • Good point about the tins @Snuffbox. Tin wise, F&T are in the same league as Toque I.E. flawless.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    Yes, the Toque tins are very nice, perhaps even better than the F&T tins. They're not as pretty but they are good tins!

    I didn't mean to get off on a tangent about who has the best tins, only that when deciding between two very similar products the two things that affect the purchase are the cost and the packaging.

    Now that we've done it,

    For my preference in snuffs I like De Kralingse (Snuifmolens) tap boxes because I prefer to take off the back of the hand and the little sieve is perfect for the beautiful Latakias he makes.

    For the other types of snuffs I like (plain or menthol) I prefer a deep rather than a broad tin because they seem to keep the snuff moister and fresher with less surface exposed to the air when open. F&T tins are good for this but the old large SG gasket tins are even better, striking a good balance on the height/depth ratio.

    I do think for the style of snuffs Toque makes his tins are perfectly suited.
  • @Snuffbox: You will be disapointed to hear that the end our tap boxes is near. They aren't produced any longer. New snuff boxes are ordered and will be delivered shortly.

    Jaap Bes.

  • @snuffmiller I was afraid of that when I read the note on your website. It's all a dastardly plot to make us buy your snuffs in bulk ;)

    I do have a few large wooden snuff boxes suitable for coarse snuffs. I actually used them for the samples you sent. I'll have to see what other snuffboxes and dispensers are available because pinching the coarse snuffs I like doesn't do them justice- they're not as good when smashed together. I'll save the boxes I have from you already and reuse them in the future.

    Thanks for the info.
  • @Snuffbox: I didn't know it was that obvious.  But you looked carfully on the website and discovered the secret. Maybe I should  include a small snuffspoon with the new box?

    Jaap Bes.

  • I like the IHT 22, though I'm inclined a little more to the Irish DHT 20, being an SP lover.

    One thing I have observed about F&T's HDT is that the American Bruton Scotch snuff is remarkably like it, in grind, color and scent. One might have trouble in a blind test distinguishing them.

  • @snuffmiller I think a spoon would be a very nice touch. I have heard Bernard ships their schmalzlers that way but I haven't had any of them so I really don't know.
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