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  • The Gingerbread I ordered from Mr. Snuff has been baked and delivered... Tasty would be an understatement... Amazingly decadent would be closer to a description... I am so happy I decided to order Qty x2 as the first one will be gone in a few days...
    in Gingerbread! Comment by N0mad July 2011
  • I ordered 2 x Gingerbread and four other Molens Snuffs from Dave at Mr. Snuff last week, email says it shipped 7/18.
    in Gingerbread! Comment by N0mad July 2011
  • I wonder if Dave AKA Mr. Snuff has any of this on order; it's not posted as being in his inventory... Inquiring minds want to know... I've had Macuba, Bon Bon and Musinotobacco and love all of them...
    in Gingerbread! Comment by N0mad June 2011
  • makes a better chocolate chip cookie.
  • I support Dave and Mr. Snuff as well and have ordered from him exclusively for some time. My last order shipped on December 8th and I have yet to see it in Texas 30 days later. But I do understand it's out of his hands and now I must look for other …
  • This would explain shipping delays to the US from GB, UK and other overseas locations don't you think?
  • Direct Link to the VOA video>>
  • Sorry... Click on the video labeled "Illegal Cuban Cigar Imports on the Rise in.." it shows inside customs and references how and why overseas tobacco shipments are being held up...
  • Check out this video at VOA News.. You'll have to select the video labeled in the center window
  • Bob, I've only had the Echt Fresko the grind is much softer and lighter than the Bernard or Poschl Schmalzler's of which I have 5-6 different ones. I get a lot of dark chocolate and tobacco when snuffed and to me only slightly sweet or fruity, it se…
    in sternecker Comment by N0mad August 2010
  • Mr. Snuff (Dave), thank you for posting frequent updates regarding new products you've earned my business. I check here everyday for information about new products and reviews I for one find your posts very useful, helpful and interesting.
  • ** Good News ** Have you guys seen the new Wilson's bulk snuff options at Mr. Snuff? Select Wilsons>> Bulk>> 260G or 450G and then from the drop down menu select your desired flavor. This is just the ticket for me, I loved the fresh snu…
    in Mr. Snuff Comment by N0mad August 2010
  • N0mads: Pomegranate Sorbet (50/50 of Toque Pomegranate and Wilson's Tom Buck) N0mads: Drunken Monk - 50/50 WoS Gold Label and WoS Grand Cairo N0mads: Bavarian Surprise - 50/50 Bernard Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert and Poschl Perlesreuter Walder-F…
  • Arrived today thank you Roderick, I just love the scent and taste of fresh Toque Snuff...
    in Toque Comment by N0mad August 2010
  • Dave, my order arrived today thank you so much for all of your efforts. To everyone else the majority of my order was Wilson's and all of them are as fresh as the ones I purchased direct from Wilson's a few months back on the web special also the Mc…
    in Mr. Snuff Comment by N0mad August 2010
  • Dave you are going to be my regular go to guy from now on...
  • To be fare Dave is back on line and replied to all of my email(s) today, said he has been busier than a one armed paper hanger. No disrespect intended I hope none of you are "one armed paper hangers".
  • @Bob, an Internet based business with a major investment in inventory, web servers and a new office in the UK, to busy to return email?
  • Gave my Scotch Black away - nasty stuff.
    in Mr. Snuff Comment by N0mad August 2010
  • That's disheartening I also have an order from Mr. Snuff on the way. Over the last week I have sent him 3 email inquiry's none of which he has responded to. Is he on vacation or maybe an illness in the family?
  • *deleted*
  • Great find Snuff Hunter, I think stunningly beautiful women are always in good taste... Or taste good... Well you get my point... Two thumbs up.
  • @cstokes4 I think mine must be the day version because like I said it is WET, BLACK, FLOWERY, SOAPY, and LEATHERY monster of a snuff. But then again I wasn't asking for your approval as to container size and volume. Secondly and personally I would n…
    in WoS Brunswick Comment by N0mad May 2010
  • Brad you are correct, prior to this direct purchase my inventory of Wilson's consisted of only three types Tom Buck, CoC, DH Toast #20 all which may be several years old. This new purchase has convinced me the craftsmanship @ Wilson's is second to n…
    in Gold Label ? Comment by N0mad May 2010
  • WoS Lemon Grove...
  • Fresh directly from Wilson’s mill... Friend’s if you think your current snuff lacks flavor, staying power or is generally lackluster and kind of just lies there like your old girlfriend, then you need to try WoS Brunswick. This is a wet, black, flo…
    in WoS Brunswick Comment by N0mad May 2010
  • Fresh directly from Wilson’s mill... There should be a damn warning label on this about how strong it is. Whooee! Wet course and black this stuff isn’t for light weights. Heck a couple of pinches and I didn’t need another for an hour or so. The feel…
  • Just received this fresh directly from Wilson’s mill 25g tin. Note to self: Order more Strasbourg... I'm with Geraldo on this one "I can't describe what is in it" but I know I need more of it...
  • WoS Lemon Grove, just received this fresh directly from Wilson’s mill. This is my new favorite snuff I can't say this is a desert snuff as I don't detect any sweetness in it, but dang this has an intensely fresh clean taste and smell with a fantasti…