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  • yisraeldov
    Hi, I replied to your message you sent me a while back but don't know if you have seen it yet.
    March 2017
  • JeffParr
    I'm going to sound like a self centred prig, but how are these EU regulations going to effect my supply of snuff?

    I live in the UK, at best I suspect the online export restrictions are going to clobber the Millers and those that survive, with a smaller turnover, less popular varieties might well be discontinued which is tragic.

    I've already emailed my MP, Angela Eagle, with my argument that she should voice her opposition to any such restrictive regulations both on health grounds as an aid to stopping smoking and to support a traditional British industry in a growing export market. It may if nothing else, make her aware of the situation, and maybe do some horse trading with the HP for Sheffield (Sharrow) I'm sure Willsons have done some lobbying.  
    January 2017
  • AlKindiSnuff
    Have you found source for the Spanish Yellow snuff?
    December 2015