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  • Remjob
    When you order begum green make sure it's not Plaithia begum green or you will be sadly disappointed when you open it up and there's a big green round hockey puck looking thing in the tin they don't tell you that it's chewing tobacco they say it's snuff but it's not I went through this and found out the hard way just to give you heads up. Oh and with the begun green get ready for a strange exotic spearmint like experience.
    May 24
    • Conk
      Cheers, Adam!
  • Remjob
    Hi name Adam so what's the deal here you just want to get rid of them?If so I'll take them gladly!I'll even send you some of my home made snuff's(Not kiddie Snuff Neither made with blends of Real Leaf)I'am pretty fucking good at it.So please get back to me.
    April 8
  • Conk and crow joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    January 5